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Hello Everyone

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I'm Dragonis0, also known as Mr.E on DAYZ.

A friend, and member of DAYZRP, told me about it and said I should join, so here I am. Not sure what else to say. I took a bit of a hiatus while I moved across the country, but I'm a long time player of DAYZ since it's mod days in ARMA. My friend and I used to set up scenarios in the standalone and travel as a group with militarized tactics. By this I mean being safe, using clear and concise communication and descriptions, clearing areas before settling down, and NOT shooting people unless first fired upon. I'm a former USMC Sergeant, so I'm familiar with appropriate tactics and working as a team. I am not bringing up my military past to brag, or say that I am "uber" awesome at DAYZ, because I'm not. I'm just a good and valuable team member to have nearby, who knows when to act, and how to communicate effectively.

My friend and I considered ourselves saviors of those who were either new to the game, being attacked by zombies or bandits, or were injured. We always carried extra food, water, and full medical supplies. We liked helping people, but in the common servers we often found more trouble from other KOS players than we did any good situations. We were killed and looted many times. Eventually we lost interest because we could never play the way we wanted since the majority of players would KOS without a second thought. I'm hoping that I can join my friend on DAYZRP and play the way I think DAYZ was intended to be played. I like immersion and have been playing Role Playing games for many years. I used to play and DM in Dungeons and Dragons so I'm familiar with role playing do's and don'ts.

Anyway, not sure what else to say.

Hope to see you all on the whitelist.

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