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Erik Falsebourne

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"Chernorussian sunsets were beautiful. Though misleading. Just below that lofty purplish haze. Beneath the fluffy white clouds crowning the mountainous landscape. Smog and doom droned about below. The ever present silence. A devoid of life sort of quiet. Or....the shrieking banter given off of every single Rabid bastardized vessel of this Plague at hand.

My names Erik. I'm capturing this on what battery life is left of this recorder. Not sure how things will turn. But I figured this is as good an idea as any? Anyhow.... I arrived here roughly two months ago. (Maybe three at this, rate? ) Driving truck between the villages and Cities along the coast. Seeing to the medical and food supplies for the Relief zones. With all of the ....well, escalating shit-storm at hand. I moved from mobile distribution to maintenence and assistance within a mobile clinic. Mostly security work, and Order keeping at the triage. (Having zero medical background, I mostly did grunt work for the Doctors and nurses)

We were a United Nations appointed team. Though most of us were North American in origin. We were attached to a military unit that had been a part of the Chernorussian Assistance Program. All of which were American and Canadian Reservists and a few Chernorussian locals. (whom were there mostly for guiding and translation.) At first, all we could do was take in as many as we had room for. And then wait out the inevitable. The infection at first took a bit. It seemed at least? But it wasn't long before we had mobs of both angry sick and concerned civilians. My duties of inventory, and bed transferring came to a halt when our soldier unit literally had to maintain a perimeter around the tents and modified sheltering. Violence erupted in pockets. The sick and diseased moaned continuously outside of the make-shift barricading.

That sound. It was ... it still haunts me. That night the gunfights began.

A few hours past midnight we had to pack up and move the clinic. A horde of those moaning and crying changed into a nightmarish mob. A few soldiers went down. Two with actual wounding. The other, just knocked on his ass. ( Serves him though. The guy acted like a hardass. A real 'Cowboy' too.) I kept my eyes split between our supplies cache and escorting the medical staff room to room. There was at least two attempts on the supplies before the perpetrators were apprehended by our military help. One of which was shot dead.

It was around that point, things get foggy for me. I remember waking up...or snapping out from a trance. I was standing half naked covered in blood and holding a scalpel. Blood that was not my own. Though, I had an i.v. still attached. Tube line dragging behind me. I know that in that time "between" the events that took place made me question my life's worth. I know my morality. I know my mindset. But surviving was and is most important at this rate.

I'll stop here as to save the remaining batte....."

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