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Unwarranted Warning Strikes?

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Hi guys. Earlier today I received a message stating:

"Dear Paul_The_Monkey,

You have received a warning from the staff of DayZRP.com.


You have received 3 warning points for the following situation.


Please review the appropriate situation to avoid similar occurrences in the future.



DayZRP Staff Team"

If you look at the thread that I posted in you can see someone quoting what I said. All I had put was my objective (and definitely not negative) view on the report and got three warning strikes. This seems weird; Unless there's something that i'm missing. I was just trying to contribute,

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Guest Vittoria

Well, I don't think that I got banned. Would that help with removing the points?


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Make a ban appeal if you feel the points were unjustified.


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If you were not involved in the report, you are not allowed to post in the report.

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I've been looking in the ban appeals forums for the past hour or so and have came across a few warning point appeals. I now understand my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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