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How to join?

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So .. hi

i'm new to the community.

so i would like to introduce my self first :

Name : Dean

age : 19

How many hours do you play (per d ): for 2 - 3 weeks i'll be playing for many hours. ( holiday )

From : KSA living in lond.

So to say the truth i'm not sure how to join the server and who to talk to.

but i notice that if you want to join you should/better be known here, or active.

which i intend to be i intend to be active and stay with you guys , and got in here for rok server, which i really like it's the one RP server that i got a decent ping with.

i have 140-h- in rok

and have played rust before, it was " my game " <<< yeah. `,`

So i would like to join the server i'm not sure if this is the right way, which it may not be then i'm sorry and please give me the way to have a chance

i do love rp and have played over 100h only role playing in rok, but it wasn't so fun taking that i got a ping of 165+ give or take.

I would really like to join you guys, i have been role playing in rok, and other games when i used to play them.

i need to be whitelisted to play, the thing is all the questions are about dayz mostly, which i stopped playing.

And i apologize if this is not the right way to join or so.


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Would like to know, do i need to be whitelisted i mean, most of the questions are about dayz.

Sorry for the trouble i may caused.

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