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Open Broadcast

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If anyone can hear this message and is still a reasonable person, just know you are not alone. I have been travelling a lot lately and only come across either the infected, or survivors who run at the sight of another living human being.

I'm currently travelling along the coast. South towards Krutoy Cap and then West towards Electro or further inland in search of others...

*A short sigh can be heard then a short break in transmission*

I have failed to meet up with survivors in the past, but I still search for them but hold no hope in this vast landscape. I will leave campfires along my way, in hope that someone will come along and find me or simply enjoy the comfort of their warmth after I'm gone.

Anne...if you can hear this. Your Kvass is still with me.

Jacob, signing out


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The familiar voice she had only known on the radio made her heart sink. Anne had almost forgotten him if she was being honest with herself. How thoughtless she had been. Jacob clearly hadn't forgotten her.

Anne quickly separated herself from the rest of the group before his transmission had ended. Her life was just beginning to settle once more, and his radio broadcast reminded her of the horrors and failures of the past month. The Anne he called out for... That wasn't the Anne she was today. No matter how much she put on. Perhaps it would be much safer for him never knowing, never meeting. Never taking sides. She was forced to teeter relationships everyday, if one thread snapped, new enemies could be made. He had neutrality, an anonymous survivor. Perhaps it would be best if she simply didn't return his call.

Jacob was alone. How easy would it be for him to stumble upon the Masquerades? Her and Viktor were certain they had seen them in Elektro in one of their last patrols. Or eaten by cannibals? Carved into by the family?


“Jacob... I won't hand out empty promises to you any more. This world is confusing and cruel. Bad things have happened and I can't say that you'd be better off meeting me. I sit by a new campfire now, with a new group. If you're still interested in sharing that Kvass, which I understand if you are not, I will be with the 101st CDF Pioneers.

… I'm so sorry.”

He still had it. He still had the can of Kvass.

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