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Svea Rike

Hey mom, I don't think I'll be back any time soon.

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The shooting was getting more intense by the shores of Chernogorsk, making it nearly impossible for both Nuevos Anarquistas and The Lost MC to stay in the area. We then decided to move outside the city, into the woods not far to the northwest.

It didn't take long to get there, and we managed to keep everyone fairly untouched. It was only once or twice that some of the crazies got close to getting one of us.

I felt the need to write a message to my mother back in the US, explaining the situation as well as I could, but just as I was about to hit send, Paul reached out his hand and took the phone from me.

"Hey mom.

I'll assume you have already heard the news by now, but I'll tell you anyway.

The russian army has put Chernarus into quarantine by blocking the borders. No one is getting in, or out, without getting shot, meaning that we won't be getting home any time soon, maybe ever.

Not only are we stuck in a foreign country, we're also stuck with what the others call "the crazies". That's the infected. They attack anyone and anything they come across, with the intention to rip it into little pieces.

Remember when I told you we'll be back soon? I'm sorry for lying to you.

Please inform the rest of the Anarquistas with the same information I have given you, and tell them that "The Lost MC" are sharing the same fate.

Love, Tony."

"The hell do you mean with that, Tone?" Paul was outrageous. "We're sharing the same fate!?" He had the tone of a madman in his voice.

"Isn't it obvious, Paul? Listen to the shooting, it's chaos! It's a fucking war against the crazies, and you ask me what I mean?!" I yelled, not understanding how he could not see it, how messed up the situation really was. We were not in America anymore, and we were never going to get back. "Now give me back my phone!"

"Fuck your phone, Tone!" Paul yelled as he threw the phone into the dirt as hard as he could.

Just as the phone hit the ground, there was a huge explosion over in Chernogorsk. It was a plane, it had crashed into the big hotel, which had been the UN field headquarters.

Hearing the explosion and seeing the flames rise shortly afterwards removed all rage from my mind, replacing it with pure fear and confusion. Looking back at Paul it seemed to have been the same for him.

This was it, now we were truly fucked.

Sorry for the poor writing :D

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