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Calling doctor Ivan, caling doctor Ivan...

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*Message is being repeatedly broadcasted on different frequencies. Each time it sounds different but with the same slavic accent. It is sure it's not a recording played over and over again*

this is doctor Michal Wit of the Polish Red Cross. Me and my collZzze doctor Tomchak are trying to get to know more about this Zzzrus. Perhaps, since we are where it all startZzzz we have a chance to figure it out. Zzzz met KURWZZz [broadcast interupts for 20 seconds] I've met individual who called himsZzz The Hound. When i told him what we're trying to do he suggested i contact doctor Ivan.

So doZzztor Ivan. Are you there?

*After 30 seconds it starts again*

Calling doctZzz Ivan...

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