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A Message to Codename: Bubble Gum

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Sitting in the large piano house at Starry the young girl stared down at the radio in her hands. Everyone else asleep, and the only sound you could hear in the night was the soft rustling of the leaves through the breeze, and the terrifying groan of a infected every now and again. Breaking one of the blue glow sticks she set it down beside her. So much had happened the last couple of days. Things seemed easier whenever it was just her and her brother but she had met a really nice group of people and for once since the outbreak felt safe, at ease. Yet there was one person to the group she hadn't seen in a while. Not even sure if the radio would work. She just snagged it from her brothers pocket and had found a battery a long the way to Stary. Bringing the radio up to her lips she took a deep breath before pressing the button.

"I...I um...don't know how these things work..."

Keeping the button pressed you could hear the soft sigh that left her lips before she would continue.

"Mr...Bubble Gum...*whispering* I figured you wanted to be called your codename...Um...I hope you're okay. You haven't come by in awhile and...I got worried that those bad people you talked about might have gotten you...Piano Man said he was surprised to see you, He didn't tell me why....said you'd tell me if you wanted to.

We had...a really weird man here last night...whispering my name from outside the house...I thought it was the voices in my head again...maybe I am going crazy...I don't know...t-that's...it's not important...Um....I just wanted to make sure you were safe....not that you can't take care of yourself! I'm sure you can! I'm not calling you weak or anything, you were really brave down at the really really big city and..oh..I'm rambling...sorry....um.....Just stay away from the bad people, and come visit soon!....Oh no! They might be listening now!"

At that the transmission cuts off as she removed her finger from the button and set her hands down in her lap.

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Bubblegum, eyeing his radio as he hears the frequency immediately takes out his radio and replies to the transmission.

"Allie?! It's good to hear your alright, I'll be coming shortly, don't worry. I've just been...dealing with some things that came up, but I didn't forget my promise of meeting you again."

Chuckles to himself and begins to fan his pink hat. "Trust me, the bad people won't catch me, I'm a master of hide & seek and there's no way I'll lose! Who was that man though?! Are you alright & safe? Is your brother okay? I hope your taking care of yourself Allie, I umm......I just hope your safe, alright? I'll be in touch, we'll go back to the big city again eventually, I promise. I ummm....bye bye."

*The Transmission Dies*

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