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Will persistence be turned back on when 0.55 lands?

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So I have been looking up what is coming within the 0.55 update on stable which is due to hit next Wednesday, 25th, or at the very latest the first of next month. Within the update it will be possible to report/ban people in-game and there is also a new loot distribution which is "likely to be in".

Now I know the reason persistence was turned off was because of people loot cycling and not being banned. But with a new loot distribution surely this cant happen and even if it does, in-game reporting/banning will stop it?

So I was wondering what the likelihood is of persistence being turned back on for any of the RP servers soon, as persistence truly does add to RP and makes things a lot more realistic. I cant wait for the day it is turned back on.

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We re-evaluate persistence with every new patch. Thus far it is not stable enough to justify it.

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