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Steve Maxwell

ok, does anyone have a clue when whitelist applications'll be open to the public?

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alright, so I just registered up to this website earlier today (hello there everyone!) and I instantly went to the whitelist page, only to find that right now, applications are only open to donors. does anyone have a clue on how long it'll be before the whitelist applications are open to us normal non donators again? I really want to join this server after seeing theadventuresoftwig's playthrough.

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Whitelist apps re-open on Monday, they are closed on the weekends for non-donators.

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Once the pending whitelist applications have been dealt with, the whitelist will be re-openend, even for non-donors.

Just check here ( *click* ) for the next couple of days and you'll see whether or not it's opened.

As the correct answer has been given, I will mark this as solved.


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