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Hello, All my friends like to call me Zach....

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Hello, All my friends like to call me Zach. I'm from the country America. I'm prior service in the U.S. Army. Did my 4 years and got out. I've been to South Korea, and Afghanistan. After I got out, my friends and I decided to go on a little trip...you know nothing too serious. Just a little trip over to this place called Chernarus. Little did I know that everything was about to fall apart as soon as I got there. I don't know much about how it happened but everyone started turning on each other, some would shoot people but other would try to eat you...that's when I lost Tom, he was a good man...too young to die. We had to put a bullet in his head because after he got bit, he started acting weird. At first he started getting a fever..and then he died. The weird thing is he came back to life but he wasn't the same. He tried to bite us..but anyways now we were stuck in Chernarus and after our last encounter with people, I lost my friends. Now I'm on my own.

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