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Alex sits down, readying himself for what seems like a long wait. He pulls out a tape recorder, barely functioning and nearly out of batteries.

“Well…I had better say something…my name is Alex, I woke to this shithole roughly a three months ago. I was lying in a bed, upstairs in a pug if I remember correctly. I was pretty smashed up… covered in old, bloodstained rages. On the door, taped, was a note reading ‘Stay safe, remember’, I wish I could remember. After a moment I searched through the old bag lying against the bed. There wasn’t much, just a can of food, a dirty but wearable sweater and a small ziplock bag. That’s where I found out my name…you know the funny thing is I have no idea who I am, I just…sorry, back to the bag *a short pause with some rustling can be heard* in there was a passport, some ID cards and a picture. Oh what wouldn’t I give to know who the person in the picture is? I think it’s my wife or girlfriend but really, I have no clue. I…I just wish…I wish I knew who they were, I have no clue who I am…I have no identity. Do you know how lost I feel. *some stifled sniffs can be hear* Sorry…sorry. I met a guy a bit ago, seemed nice…Sorry, I can’t do this anymore.”

After falling back into a lying position, he stares into the night sky. A single tear rolls down his face, only to be quickly wiped away. He rolls over, closes his eyes and falls into a fitful and nightmarish sleep.

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