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Phil - The Friendly Farmer from Zeleno

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No longer "active". It only lasted a day :(

Read at the bottom of this post.

Hi guys!

I just played for a little over an hour and created my very own piece of heaven. It was in Zeleno, down besides the Military Compound and the well outside the piano house.

During my time there, i got a couple of visitors (8, i think). :D

I for one, thought it was great, as it was the first "thing" i have ever done on the DayZRP servers. I felt quite proud of my little camp where i had a patch of farmland, a furnace and a shed with a lot of farming supplies. It got setup with a little bit of help from my IG brother Jack.

I hope to hear from some of the people who stopped by, just if they enjoyed it or if there is anything they feel i should improve. With my camp, RP or anything. I would also very much appreciate any feedback, negative or positive and whether or not you would want to meet me IG :)

I enjoyed it so much myself, and found it awesome that 2 people came down to my camp, because they heard about it from someone who had just been there. This really gave me what i think of as a purpose on the server, and i will continue farming my land in Zeleno on S3 and also S1.

I will be updating this thread with encounters, guests stopping by, and pictures of the camp (Which i forgot to take this time). So if you ever find yourself in Zeleno looking for food, shelter or just a nice chit chat - Then be sure to come find me at my little farm :D

Hope to see you IG!

- Phil "Farmer" Moseley

EDIT: Due to an unfortunate chain of events, Phil's farm will no longer be in Zeleno :(

Some jerks were bullying, and ended up throwing a grenade - destroying the camp. Really good RP though.

Instead he will travel the land, and set up temporary camps.

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Sounds nice, good luck! Persistance off will make your farming a little bit harder but still I hope you'll make it work. Shame that everybody is going west :P So far :)

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Thank you. And welcome to the community ;)

What server was this on? Plus if those guys didn't properly initiate on you, you can always report them :D

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