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what the hell

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I just reread my third application , because i saved it. And according to you i didnt correctly explain the kill on sight rule about controlling hostages, But i did .My explanation was over explanatory. so now , i have donated and have been rejected three times . So thats it ? I can't play? I spent hours filling out the app three times , carefully. And i have reread my application and have correctly described the rule you say i didnt correctly explain. So what now , I'm out of luck ? I have no chance of getting accepted? this really isnt fair at all. I put a lot of time into those applications and i donated to support server. So i donated and was , in my opinion , unfairly rejected. My support means nothing? Please reconsider .

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Your best bet is to create a ban appeal.

Just a little FYI too, donating does not mean you will get accepted.


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