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Danny White

Danny the Phony

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Danny used to be quite an inspiring rapper. His songs got some airtime, his mixtape received positive feedback and he had earned quite a lot by selling his mixtape. He had it all going for him. Everyone thought Danny was a genuine gangster, as that's what he stated in his first couple of songs. Little did his fans know the gun he used in the videoclip for "Hussle 4 da moneyz yo" was a fake. Also, he never really had to hustle, because his dad was a famous architect in the Chernarus region. Danny wasn't a gangster at all. He never even fired a gun before everything happened. He was just a guy rapping about his non-existant problems showing off his fake 9mm. Danny was a phony, and no one knew that until it happened.

After the outbreak people turned to Danny for help. They asked for shelter and protection, as they believed Danny had plenty of experience with violence and murder; he'd surely be the man to ask for help in these times where the rules have vanished and the streets are filled with tears and bloodshed. Danny had no choice but to let his fans stay at his house and told them he'd make sure they stayed safe. He didn't want them to find out he was a fake. After a couple of days the house got swarmed and the house was filled with screams for help. Danny didn't even care to help anyone in the house. He climbed out the window and took a run for the hills.

Now Danny finds himself in a world where he has to live up to his image. Not because of his fans, because his life is in danger.

Hope you guys like it. Also English is not my native language so there might be some grammatical/spelling errors. Thanks!

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