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How the hell did i Bill "Rauder" Jancovich end up here!

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Well hi there, this is me and my story.

Trying to find my way around this godforsaken place called Chernarus, most of the time around the small village Pusta north of Electro.


"So this is where my mother grew up with only her father since my grandmother died giving birth to her. I looked around in the small house with a very spartan interior, a simple stove, refrigerator, kitchen-sofa and fireplace in one of the corners of the cold room. With Only two small rooms my grandfather had to sleep in the kitchen in the old kitchen-sofa when my mother grew up. All of his money he earned working the docks in Electro went for giving my mother an education so she could leave this forsaken country.

But that were a longtime ago, now the house has been ruined by time and all this f-ing rain that never seems to stop. In one of the cabinets i find an old screwdriver rusted and blunt, it might come in handy. I crouch down and put it in my improvised backpack i made up from some rope and an old burlapsack i found laying around.

I sit down on the kitchen-sofa for a moment and think about all my friends and family back home in Sweden, why i let my mother talk me in to this trip up on her deathbed, "to become a man, and learn about my heritage" she said. Now look at me all wet and hungry, huddled up in an crappy old house in the middle of a country i don't know anything about more than its f_cked up right now.

People are getting strange infections and those who don't have it are soon to get it i believe. All the airports and transportations out of the country have been cancelled due to the infection that's spreading.

I wish i were back home, then i at least could have a pair fresh clothes and access to my huntingrifles and gear to be able to defend myself from these creepy creatures and robbers roaming this country.

My father learned me to hunt and fish in young age back in Sweden , we were always taking trips in northern Sweden together hunting and surviving on what the nature had to give us, sitting up late and telling really bad and horrible jokes to each other, me and him have the same bad-humor.

But this scenario i weren't prepared for, defending myself for my life against other people, that shouldn't be happening in this part of the world in 2014. Don't get me wrong i always had a interest of survival and firearms in all sorts and shapes. But putting a gun to some ones head and tell them to hand over their food is just wrong, but i have seen it happen several times in the last months I have been here and it didn't end well in all cases i can tell you.

Oh i wish i were back home......

Well then, my first goal on this (probably my last trip) is to find some fresh clothes and get starting hunting and survive no matter what it takes, i have got to shape up and get over it. Hopefully i will see my hometown once again and have a laugh with my friends if this damned thing haven't spread further away, but at the moment it don't look to good.

I think i will barricade myself in my grandfathers old house this night, then i will be heading south for Electro maybe to find supplies and hopefully some friendly's to travel together with because if i don't have someone to talk to i will go crazy in this hellhole of a country. Hopefully my knowledge of gathering food, outdoors life and gun slinging will keep me alive and safe."

Charactername: Bill "Rauder" Jancovich

Feel free to comment and giving pointers.

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