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Open Broadcast, Marriage advice.

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Bonnie hadn't gotten a good night sleep since the day Clyde popped the question. She had been staring up at the ceiling in exhausted frustration. She wanted to sleep, truly she did, but her mind took the time each night to race uncontrollably --and she was sick of it.

Gingerly, she got out of the bed, trying not to rouse her Clyde that was sleeping so soundly next to her. She envied him in this moment for how peaceful and satisfied he looked, and it was as if he was smiling at her misery. Ass.. She thought to herself, as a small smile danced on her lips.

She quietly left the house that they had claimed and wrapped her coat tightly around her frame, trying to keep the bitter cold from freezing her bones. It wasn't until Bonnie knew that she was out of earshot that she turned her radio on to speak to whoever was listening.

Click. "Umm... Hello?" Fuck... she thought, this is so stupid. She was regretting this, but it was too late to back out now. "I don't know if anybody is listening... and I know, trust me, I know that this issue I have is miniscule in comparison to others... but, it's been bugging me and lately I haven't been as close to my female friends as I would like." Bonnie took a big breath of the fresh air. Pausing briefly to listen in the distance for any of those monsters. After hearing nothing but the sound of the cold wind, she spoke again, "I guess... I'm asking for marriage advice." It sounded ridiculous. It really did. But what was the harm in trying? She couldn't sleep anyway, so she might as well talk to somebody, and it was a plus that she could remain anonymous.

She sighed and spoke again, "If anybody is listening who has particular knowledge in the subject... I'd appreciate it if you responded. Thank you.." Click.

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"Cabaas studied the radio for a moment, the cold rain plopping in the dirt forming puddles around his boots"

Hello Ms Bonnie it is I , Cabaas. I do not know much about this marriage, but I know much about being alone.

You have nobody to share a memory with, or a secret and this much is painful. If I was you I would take the chance to have this. Being happy with someone you care for is but a true luxury in a world full of pains.

"Don't worry Ms Bonnie, this party Cabaas would come alone. "

"The radio cuts off and Cabaas goes back to watching the rain fall"

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*Bill in a strange mood, heard the message on his radio whilst on duty...he decided to respond but some what confused by such a bizarre message*

Hello there, miss...

usualy I do not answer individual random radio transmissions unless calling for aid of some kind...but, I guess this could be justified as a call for advice....*he pauses*.. marriage you say, good to see people still finding the time to fall in love even in this horrible situation we find ourselves in...the only wisdom I can offer is, if someone is having second thoughts about someone in particular..ask yourself this, does it hurt so much, is it unberable, when your away from the one you love....*he sighs*...then you'll know the truth..

*static ensuesXXXXXxXXXxXXx*

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She laughed at herself, of course Cabaas would hear it, of course somebody she knew would recognize her voice. So much for anonymity.. She thought to herself, feeling more foolish than ever.

She listened to his words and when he mentioned his knowledge about being alone, a small frown formed on her face. It made her sad to think that a man who deserved better had any knowledge of loneliness at all.

Bonnie was ready to respond to Cabaas, when she heard another voice coming through on her radio. This one, however, she did not recognize. The stranger's mind came through and Bonnie couldn't help but get sad upon hearing what he had to say.

And ashamed. Most of all she felt ashamed.

It was rude of her to have complained about having somebody... when so many people had lost loved ones. It was insensitive, and she felt embarrassed.

Clearing her throat and gathering her nerve, she finally responded, Click."Hello, Cabaas. I should have known you'd hear this." She forced a laugh. "And hello to you to, sir. I'm sorry if we've met before, but I don't recognize your voice. If not, thank you for taking time to help out a stranger." Bonnie quickly scanned her horizons, still no sign of anything out of the ordinary. "I'm sorry to have bothered you two with this... it was silly of me to be so selfish. I just... felt like talking to somebody about it." She sighed audibly, "You two are right about one thing: I am so lucky to have him. I don't know why I feel so unsure... so scared. I'm sorry... I'll figure it out I'm sure. Thank you, for your advice, you two. Stay safe." Click.

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After hearing the message, Bobby picks up his old radio, sitting beside the fire.

"Uhh, yeah, hello there I suppose......" Bobby pauses to think for a second before resuming. "Listen, I don't know or care much about marriage and such, but ask yourself the following......How much would you regret losing the person in question?"

He puts the radio aside for a moment, grabs his canteen and downs a big gulp of water. Feeling refreshed, he picks the device up yet again and speaks out. "We're living in a cruel world. Now, I'm not saying that you should push love away, but.....we've all lost so much....are you prepared to lose some more?"

The young man places the radio back to it's original position and continues cooking his meal.

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~Aurora heard the transmission and gave a small smile. Pulling out her Radio she responded with the only thing she could think of.~

" One thing you don't want is to be left with never knowing. Sure you may be worried but it is most likely just the jitters. I would rather love someone and take a risk then to never know, to back out before you could ever find out how good things could be. My Mamma always said that one of the keys to making things work is to marry your best friend and never go to sleep mad. She would say "always kiss him goodnight, TRULY kiss him. You can't kiss someone like that if you are mad." It was her way of saying never go to bed mad at one another. For a far back as I can remember my Mamma and Daddy talked about everything, from dishes to Military strategy, they hid nothing from each other and I think that is what kept them strong. Love with all you have and never look back."

~As she finished the call she shook her head knowing that she should take her own advice... Funny how her mind worked.~

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