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Super Bambi

My first player encounter

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Started playing yesterday, got myself an AKM at the prison island.

Today I was farming there, and met a guy who gave me a ride to green mountain.

Had some fun at green mountain but then decided to tag along with two guys to meet someone called "Chief" in Novi.

Chief was dead in the police station, and we met a few more guys who seemed a bit suspicious so we left.

Met some more guys on the way to the NWAF.

While scouting the NWAF we saw a guy.

Met up with the guy and he was cool so we traded some stuff.

Found a lone survivor who was also cool.

1 Day of DayzRP and more player encounters than the other 74 hours I have in DayZ

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Glad you've been enjoying yourself! c: There will be many, many more encounters to come!

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