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Feedback please

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I think this is a little too close to the exact words taken from the rules. I know it is hard but try to explain them as if you were explaining them to someone who knows nothing about DayZRP so you need to explain it thoroughly and not just copy/paste. If you just regurgitate the rules how it is written then it can get you blacklisted.

The Admins wrote the rules and know them like the back of their hands, so back up each point with an example thus showing them that you understand how the rules work in an in game situation.

I wish you the best of luck.

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/moved to Questions

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I suggest giving examples of each thing! It really helps to admins see that you understand the rules instead of just copying and rewording the actual rule.

Good luck!

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Guest Vittoria

Your NLR explanation needs to be more specefic, and needs to explain more. Its very lackluster.



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You have created multiple threads regarding the same question, I will mark this as /Solved.

Your question is continued Here

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