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The queue system

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What's the point of the queue system?

I mean, I was 29/110 appx, and now Im at 97/232.

Why wont it stay at the spot you are at currently, and move you up the list?

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Hi there, taken from the FAQ's:

Q: Why do I keep getting moved back in the whitelist queue? For example I was 4/12, now I am 37/55?

A: It's because other people who have applied for whitelist have donated or written a longer/better application than you or are more active. The whitelist system is not first-come, first-served basis, we handle quality applications and donors first. Even though it will take longer, your application will eventually get reviewed.


Q: How long does it take to have my whitelist reviewed?

A: It is hard to say because it is determined by many factors as your forum rank, your forum activity, admin activity, length of the current queue and of course quality of your application. Depending on those waiting times can range between a few hours and multiple days.

I hope this helps to answer your questions. Have a look at the FAQ link for more info.

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It prioritizes the best applications and donors. Putting it simply.

If you did a good application you will be moved down on the queue, if you didn't you will keep getting bumped up.

Basically the quote that Samaritan provided. :)

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/solving, samaritan answered perfectly

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