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Renee's Diary, March 19, 2015

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The Forest clasped with tension, swaying branches in the chilled breeze. An eerie feelings seeps in with the Russian foliage, like a plague, a plague of the dead. A nearby stir, rustling of brush, made the soil quake with fear as a set of feet shuffles through the dirt, dragging along debris. Shaking, crackles, movement not owned by live man's feet, it is the dead. Lifeless, they still tread on tainted land, home to those who are left behind.

(OOC: I did a quick skip over of some research, I tried my best to be as accurate as possible to the "Opium Poppy". I do know that they are illegal to grow in some places, strict in others, please save the comments about the flowers to yourself, but other questions, or comments, are all welcome. Thank you!)

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