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Captain Panda

A unexpected mission

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Hi guys this is my first attempt at writing a proper back story for Panda since my whitelist application for Dayz RP. This is the first part of Pandas story so far, A lot more has happened but I wanted to start with this first. Let me know what you think.

I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors xD!

My Name is Nicola "Panda" Wong and this is my story.

Before all of this I was soldier in the British military. The Duke of Lancaster's regiment, 1LANCS for the North West of England. At the time of infection my regiment were on friendly training missions with the Russian military on the island of Chernarus, it was cold there much colder than anything I had experienced at home. My brother Jay served in the military also, but he was special forces, I had no idea where he was in the world at the time of outbreak. Other than Jay the only family I had was my Fiancee, Sgt Tabs "Squishy" Lovato and she was here with me, and this was going well until the dead started to rise and everything went to sh*t.

We were loading bags of supply's onto a helicopter when I first saw them, at first it was one, standing alone in a field swaying slightly. I watched this figure for a while it intrigued me there was something about it not human not... normal.

"Quit day dreaming and get this food loaded we have another camp to feed" Tabs nudged me playfully.

"Sorry, I thought I saw something" I replied before slinging a large batch of rice onto the chopper.

The kit bag made a loud *THUD*, I looked over to the figure in the field, it began to twitch, it turned towards us shortly before it screamed, a sound I will not soon forget, and ran towards us arms flailing. As the figure grew closer I began to notice more detail about it, torn clothes, bloodied face and hands, pale skin covered in scratches.

It continued to run towards us.

I shouted to my group who consisted of around 5 British soldiers.

"Look in the field that civilian!"

Lt Hodgeson stood a few yards in front of me began to call out to the individual.

"hello? Sir? are you in need of assistance, I am a soldier with the British military are you injur.......ARGH"

The figure lept onto the Lt, scratching at his face and clothes.

"GET THIS F**KING THING OFF OF ME" he shouted whilst trying to fend off his attacker.

I raised my pistol, hands shaking slightly unable to shoot the Lt's attacker they were still human weren't they?

"SHOOT, SHOOT NOW PANDA WHAT ARE YOU....ARGHHHH" His attacker had bitten into his shoulder blood began to pour from the wound.

I looked away and shot, killing the attacker. I had to I know I should never look away when shooting a weapon, being a solder I was trained in proper use of weaponry. But I just couldn't shoot a civilian whilst looking at them.

The shot seemed to bring in more of these things, these people werent human, some had arms missing stomachs torn blood everywhere. These people were dead.

The Undead swarmed our group, we began firing trying to hold back the growing crowd of teeth and claws. Lt Hodgeson was on the ground closest to the chopper trying to stop the blood from his wound, at that moment I saw two more of our men go down. These things were eating them?!

Soon only Squishy, Lt Hodgeson and I remained. The crowd was drawing in and we had no choice but to run. I turned to help up the Lt and he was still, he had bled out there was nothing we could do. Myself and squishy ran from the crowd. I looked back at the chopper, and to my horror all I could see was what remained of Lt Hodgeson reaching out to me, surrounded by piles of the undead climbing the now smoking chopper.


Squishy and I managed to hold up in a small house near by I slumped against the door, afraid one of the undead had followed us to the house. The screeches of the dead went on for the whole night, I was thankful for what little sleep I got.

At dawn the dead had moved on and all that remained was the destroyed chopper that would have been our salvation. We were extremely hungry. Squishy spotted a factory in the distance.

"The map says that city is Березино we should head there to check for survivors, food anything"

We walked in silence, neither of us able to remove the final image of Lt Hodgeson that was now burnt into our brains.


Several months later we hadn't met any survivors, the cities had been over run by the undead and nature had begun to take over. We had been surviving on anything we could salvage. Food was scarce. But then one cold day in chernaurus we had decided to follow the coast again in search of survivors when we finally came across someone. A young lad, he never gave us his name for fear that we would later find him and rob him I guess. People had become desperate and were now resorting to robbery and violence to get what little resources were left. However he seemed friendly enough, he told us of a safe place. Green mountain, he told us that there were survivors to be found there, food warmth and water.

We couldn't resist this opportunity for safety. We had been travelling for months and we were both exhausted.

There had been some truth in what the boy had told us. When we arrived at this Green Mountain there were people gathered around a fire. We sat with them and shared stories. A kind stranger tossed me a can of beans, which I devoured ravenously. There I met a man named Pepe. Now Pepe was a very positive person he had a very happy accent and somehow never seemed like anything was worrying him, this comforted me somehow and so we stayed for a few days, I gave Pepe a makarov pistol I had found, sharing and trading seemed to be a big thing at Green Mountain.

A few days into our stay at Green Mountain, as if some miracle had occurred my brother Jay turned up.

"What on earth are you doing here Jay?!" I exclaimed, happy to see him but shocked that he was even in Chernaurus.

"Wouldn't you like to know sister" he said in his usual cheeky tone.

At that moment a couple of guys in all green approached us.

"you wear all black, are you... Black wood militia?" I looked at Jay confused.

"No we, just like these clothes. Who are Black wood?" The group began to explain and soon we learned that Chernarus was no separated into many groups of survivors all trying to survive in their own ways, some friendly. Some dangerous.

We remained at the mountain a few more days, when a group of bandits attacked.

"We have the mountain surrounded we hear, come out with your hands up"

The group of us inside green mountain hold our ground, we fight until we think all of the enemies are gone. Then *CRACK* a bullet whizzes past me.

I duck for cover behind a pile of rubble holding my rifle close to my chest, gun fire blazes and the enemy is killed. After the panic I turn to check squishy, she's motionless on the ground. A small trickle of blood leaves her mouth. The bullet had hit her, and I had been too much of a coward to save her. I instantly fell onto my knees beside her body.

A fellow survivor tries to pull me away from here.

"GET OFF LEAVE HER ALONE" I yell trying to fight them off.

"We need to lay her to rest" says one of them gently placing a hand on my shoulder.

It was a small funeral, the kind survivors helped me bury my tab and as little as they knew her all found some kind words to say.

I was never the same after that. The loss was overwhelming it changed something in me that I can't explain, Jay and I left Green Mountain, I couldn't stay.


TO BE CONTINUED..............

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