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I do not know how to start this apart from to say I am Alexei Sokolov and here on toilet paper am writing about my own life.

First I should tell you who is reading that am very bad man, I have many wrong things done in life but am not ashamed; often have felt like am being born in wrong time. I should being at time when men who are skilled at killing of others were much praised. But rejoice! Time for this has come again, which I will tell of soon.

First I must explain myself to you. In youth I was boxer and rich club owner in big city ask me to come work for him as collector of debts. As fate would have it am vary good at separating the money from hands of debtors. This is how I became known to Bratva and soon I not work at club, instead am tasked with other works in Chernogorsk alongside other men like myself, my brothers. Story of which I will take to grave with me because Alexei is not rat. To say in short, this all ending years later when am tasked to kill stinking rats in high profile court case against big boss. For my part in killing am sent to high security prison to stay for vary long time. Eight years I spend in hell hole, like Gulag, but is not so bad for now am made man and this carry many benefits.

Lucky break for me is bad luck for all others - dead men rise from the grave and walk the land. In confusion that follows I take chance to kill guard and once again am free man. This make great joy for now is like olden times again and the killing of men is good.

So it comes that I return to beautiful Chernarus. Night is spent in barn on comfy bed of hay and light of morning reveals Winchester rifle near roof; the holy spirit shines on me. Later that day I spot Skoda on roadside. Something not right with this picture. I cannot say how I know but I smell dirty trap, car is too convenient and spare wheels are sat abandoned on road. Circling of area reveals soldier in trees to east of car. He not look like local man (of dark skin) and is heavily armed, moving towards my location. From experience knowing that soldiers, like police, usually not travel alone I retreat into forest. Soldier follows me for a few miles (I can see him in distance) but eventually turns away back to the road. I must be more cautious in future and keep watch for less obvious traps.

Much has changed in eight years but some things still remain the same. Car driver still prefer to give Alexei car when offered choice between walking or crawling back to house. It feels good to be driving the roads back to Chernogorsk like mighty warrior returning home from ancient war. Clothes of car owner are poor but fit well and is not prison clothes at least. On roadside I see man running from gang of the dead. He look very scared and Alexei decide to help him. I do not understand how dead men can die but Winchester rifle knows this secret well. Man continues running and I offer prayer so that he will not be eaten alive this day.

Now am to not much paper so will stop writing. Who would think that in my lifetime I would consider killing one man for simple roll of toilet paper? It is strange new world now, but I think new world smiles on Alexei Sokolov.

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Events in life of Alexei have now turned to terrible tragedy. At last I am reaching Chernogorsk. Familiar streets in the cover of darkness, but unfamiliar smell and sound. Rotting flesh of soldiers in streets and howling of dead men under the moon. Moving like the cat between buildings and walls. Dead so close to me, stench is almost making sickness in stomach.

When approaching open area gang of dead blocking path into city centre, cannot risk crossing space in moonlight and only option is to pass through Fire House. Open doors, no sign of movement but blood on walls and floor, darkness makes blood seem like black void in concrete. No light inside but Alexei resourceful and bring flashlight for occasion. Body on the floor, trail of blood shows man try to crawl through Fire House with no legs. In hand, key. But key to what? Alexei begin to search building and find footlocker with padlock. Luck be my lady today; the key fits. Inside locker, American M16 assault rifle with ammo. American country is fat and stupid, but Alexei have soft spot for well crafted weapon of war.

Food market of Chernogorsk is in sight now and am vary hungry. Not many gang of dead here and Alexei still excited about shiny american firearm so it is that am taken by suprise. Young man in street with gun shouting at me.

"Stay still do not move!"

This I can do.

"Put down your weapon and step away."

Now, reader must understand am loathe to be parted with fine American rifle. Slowly raising barrel, eye contact with man.

"Put the gun down now or we shoot you! Do it now!"

Trigger perfectly balanced on American weapon, gentle squeeze rewards with roar and kick. Muzzle flash lights up scene in three quick flashes. Now adrenaline is pumping. I turn and dive for cover behind the building as the air lights up with gunfire. Thump like right hook from prize fighter slams into left shoulder but I am now rolling and behind the wall, back onto feet and running again - across street and behind outhouse. Silence now is deafening, just heartbeat and pain of shoulder. Circling around buildings, looking through windows and checking every corner. THERE! moving through the shadows. Am shaking with pain as is hard to aim weapon so instead just fire wild into the darkness, hear man cry out in pain and then silence.

Time pass slowly, sat in shadow under cover of wall wrapping bandage around shoulder, taking morphine from bag and administering dose to help with pain. As I say before, Alexei resourceful and prepared. Now to confirm kills before continuing into city centre. Crawling in the shadows, heading for (hopefully) dead man. Alexei lucky today, bullet travel through neck and kill quickly. But... what is this? Tattoo on hand. Panic start to set in as I peel back shirt to see familiar tattoo that mark this man as Bratva. Shit, shit, shit.

Now you must understand eight years is a long time not even counting the apocalypse. Chances of anyone remaining who remember Alexei is very slim. Now Alexei have killed two Boyevik fury of Bratva will not be far behind. Must flee city, must do so now.

Once again running for life, automatic fire bringing up clouds of dirt and the zing of sniper bullet coming too close, far too close. Stupid Alexei, stupid! Escape to the forest and circle around city to car, escape towards Elektrozavodsk. Chances of acceptance back into arms of brothers now not looking good, not the homecoming party of dreams. Feeling very alone now for first time in eight years.

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