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Final story of Carl Mathson

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Hello? I found this book on last man I killed yesterday. I think I should write my journey here because I want to be known by other people. Who ever finds this book.. Remember me.

Broke my last pen but I found this one. Sooo I was thinking about you and I thought you would like to hear how I ended up in here, right? Well I wasn't the good guy. I was a gun smuggler on my days. I had little job with gang named "Laughing Coffin". They ordered some guns. I had to deliver them to a city called Elektro? I think it was elektro. I was going with my brother that time. It all went good near the wall of chernarus. These frontier-guards were bribed easy. When I went to that Elektro city everything seemed OK. I've met them in a little house. They had a case.I had the guns. But they raised guns. Luckily my brother was outside and saw what happened. He suddenly ran in to the house and shot one of them. I ran to his dead body and took his gun. But someone kicked me in my back. I thought that it was the end but my brother managed to kill them all. After that fight we started looking around the house. My brother found little doors in basement. He opened them and... There was a girl! A girl handcuffed and crying in dark! We escorted her out of the house and she started speaking. Apparently she was living in a city near by so we went to her house. That night it happened. Infection started spreading. We still tried to survive in that house for few days but we started to starve and had to go.

One month passed after the infection. Me, girl and my brother became best friends. While we were walking We met first real people sadly. They seemed nice. They said where to go, gave us food, and safe place to spend night at. Next morning when we were getting ready to head out one of them came near me and asked where we are going? I told that we are heading to place they mentioned. And suddenly he attacked me. I wasn't able to resist and went unconscious... When I woke up I saw my brother and the girl. All I could think was how to save that girl. She was crying. *color starts fading out* Then one of them came into the room. He had bad Russian accent. Russian guy showed us a magnum and uncuffed my brother. He said to choose what to kill. Either me or the girl. I started yelling that he would kill me. But... He.. Shot.. Her... She landed on my knees. I could see her eyes still alive... Smiling at me.

They released us after two long hours of beating us. My brother was unconscious. I dragged him to forest and handcuffed with a rope I found in his pocket. I made a fire with few rocks and he woke up. I STARTED LAUGHING. LAUGHING AT HIS SCARED FACE. HE LOOKED SO SCARED. FIRST THING I DID I HIS FINGERS OFF. ONE BY ONE. THEN I CHOPPED HIS HANDS OFF. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN HE DIED. I ATE HIM. DIDN'T EVEN COOK. YOU KNOW WHAT? ITS A GIFT SEND BY GOD TO CLEAN UP THIS ROTTEN WORLD. AND I'M THE ONE WHO WILL BRING PEACE BY DESTROYING WHO OPPOSES ME. *ink fades out*[/color]

Now few days passed after this. I was scavenging around these lands. I met few guys. Killed them because they wanted to rob me. After few days of thinking I made this theory. At first don't laugh okay? Maybe all of this is some kinda challenge? Maybe we have to win this? And when we win someone might come and save us? But its just a theory...

I met this guy Joshua. Hes sleeping now. He seemed nice. We've met in a small village. I almost shot him down. After some time we were walking around and talking about past and suddenly he said "Maybe its not real? Maybe its just a test from our god? Hah funny part is that we can do shit we want..." I knew he will fit in for my plan. Plan to make a group that will wait for god sign and kill everyone who will try to stop us. Of course we will kill or hurt people. I lost faith in this world. It's rotten.

It's  three months after infection. We found guys who can fight with us for the same. We are kinda huge group. Its ten people in five smaller groups with two people in one. Its kinda complicated but we know what we are doing. We decided to make a nation. But first we need to get a lot of gear and a base. Mostly we stay in forests and beat up people going around if we don't like them. We got in a fight with a bigger group. They were saying that they will kill us one by one. But we caught few of them and executed them. I think we will win. So about our guys. We decided to wear red, brown wool coats and black jeans so we could know who is friendly. We aren't military group. But we take military grade gear from people and hide them in our forest. We don't think they should threaten us with their guns. One of our new guys Ambroise is his name i think. Thought up a new idea. When we get hostages. We mark them so they would know who are we forever. We give them a double cross. A weird thing. But we like it. Mostly we don't walk in huge group. Its better to have small numbers everywhere, than a huge  group in one place in my opinion. Me and Joshua were walking around yesterday and we decided to attack that group we mentioned. If I wont write after this. I'm dead.

Bad news. Joshua is dead. Everyone is dead. I managed to escape... Barely... They had huge numbers. Fight went good at start. We had them surrounded at start. Killed most of them. Until armed car came from north and killed 3 guys. Harper, Kirk, Arthur. Then we started retreating. I shot down the driver to win some time. We went in to forest but they managed to flank us. I found a hole thing. I jumped in and waited. I heard shots. A lot of them. Someone screamed my name.  I was scared. Few hours passed and I went out. I didn't saw any bodies, only blood. I started crying. I had no chance to win this. I lost everything I had. But.... I have to fight further. Fight till god comes.

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