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@ the guys who picked up the newb in Chernogorsk.

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Complete newb here. I spawned basically into Chernogorsk and bumped into two guys in camo. They led me through the city and offered supplies.

I repeat, I am a newb. We hopped into a UAZ. You were asking me if I needed anything. While trying to respond, I managed to press Enter and accidentally ejected from the vehicle going full speed.

Either way, whoever you were, thank you for your kindness. Hopefully this will explain my bizarre actions and subsequent suicide. I have learned my lesson. No more jumping from moving vehicles! Perhaps next time I will live long enough to actually try role playing with you.


mr. toothpick

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Guest WaltteriH

Most likely the same guys that stalked me inside Cherno, and ended up trading me SV-58 ACOG for a tent. They were lcp or clp or something (not clf)... They were looking for survivors... If i would have been more heavily armed (something not db), or i would have had mobsters with me, the car would be ours now.

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  • Legend

I remember doing something like that from an EMS SUV. Ah, the good old dayz.

Just remember that every death is a learning experience and you'll go far, kid. Welcome to DayZRP; and good hunting!

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