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Question about baiting

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There is a dynamic group. Obviously keeping their identity hidden.

One of the dynamic group members starts an argument with a group or people acting out on his own. He does anything he can repeatedly to get the other random group to initiate on him/her due to the fact the solo dynamic member simply won't listen and continues to be aggressive, pushy or rude in nature. I mean relentless on the aggressive, pushy nature.

Realistically the solo dynamic member is NVFL but knows that the rules are in his favor and as a potential hostage he won't be harmed.

The only reason the solo dynamic group member is causing a hassle is that he knows that he has men nearby that are ready to shoot once he gets initiated on. Any chance of RP'n it out won't happen as their only purpose is to shoot and kill anyone that initiates on the bait (solo dynamic member).

Is this baiting? The dynamic group is setting up a trap or scenario for the sole purpose of a PVP encounter.


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Yes, this is definitely baiting.

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Yes that is clear baiting. It is never ok to send in one member of a dynamic group to provoke hostilities hoping to be initiated on so his buddies that are hidden will kill them.

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I don't think I need to repeat any of the above answers.


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