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Whitelist questions

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Hello everyone. I have only recently signed up to DayZRP but obviously white-list applications is closed for non donors. I have a few questions about the white-lists:

1) When it says non-donor applications will be available next week, when exactly can it mean like any time or specific day?

2) Other than my back story, what other questions are asked on the white list application?

3) If I have friends that I want to play with and I mention them as my "companions" in my back story, will I be declined if they are too?

I may sound like i'm going over the top asking these questions but I am very eager to get into DayZRP and want the best chance possible of being accepted!

Thanks! :)

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Hello Haschmn,

1: Applications should open on monday again. Soon

2: When the whitelist application opens again, you wil see multiple questions. Some personal questions such as Age, Sex, location, ... But also questions about our rules. I advice you to read over them already here: http://www.dayzrp.com/rules

3: No you will not be declined for that. Your backstory is all up to you. It allows us to see if you are capable of creating an immersive atmosphere and it gives a view on your roleplay capabilities. So make it somehting good, describe your character well and don't exclude his feelings or anything.

You do sound very eager to join, which is something I like!

And please, don't be shy, don't hesistate to ask anything you need an answer for. This community will help you out when in need!

Are your questions herby answerred?

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Yes, thanks a lot for helping!

Glad I could be of help


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