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[align=left]Dear journal- Im keeping a log of my journeys on a small but firm journal passing time talking, skipping rocks, and etc. Till I get to see you once again Kassidy

- In the final moments nh-postcard.gif

BY March, 5 2014 I'll be leaving the metting to book it to you and Thomas our little a bundle of joy. Only been about 3 weeks since I seen you guys. But we will meet eachother again, getting your passports done by then end of march ready to ship-off to be checked upon by our US Goverment in the Great Capital of DC.

- Its only been a month since I found that old letter a virus already cunsumed by many, left others to die or survive. Not to be reconed with I don't know why, but I decide to still write this down go be historic one day. Anyway I am still writting to pass time, some one died yesterday a kids dad I knew the kid only 15 and lost his whole family Im stuck with these people in the army base, just ready to break out because it feels like a prison. So me and four guys and 2 ladies and the kid are ready to breakout.

- I finally got out of NH only for people made it the kid and those two girls and a guy that recently came with us a rogue Army Rifle advanced, we are heading to a guy that can fly me into Chernus in a 2 days notice By god as my witeness I will be with you again. So meet us there.

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