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o hai!

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Greetings to everybody in the community!

A Little bit about myself:

I'm a friendly Latvian guy (21) living and studying IT and Digital Media in Scotland, UK! Currently playing a bunch of games, but focus is on DayZ.

Also, I'm quite familiar with Roleplay seeing as I was on RP servers on SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) since 2006 or something lol

Games I currently play:

Battlefield 3 & 4



Don't starve together

and some others.

Soo yea, about to apply for whitelist, thought I'd introduce myself first and get to know some people in the community.

I've been meaning to get into dayzRP for quite some time and now I'm finally fed up with getting killed for no reason after trying to RP in normal servers lol

Looking forward to catchin' ya all later, fellow survivors! :)

P.S. Forum looks pretty cool, MyBB ftw!

~ NeO_Scout

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Welcome to the community, just purchased BF2 again on pc because why not, awesome game :D

Good luck on whitelist, and we'll see you in there ~

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Hello Neo, and welcome to the community!

I hear you are very eager to join us in game, and on the forums!

I, myself, come from the SAMP RP community as well. I used to be an adminsitrator on HZRP (Horizon Roleplay) and played allot on NGG before that as well... Which community are you comming from?

I wish you al the best!

Do not hesistate to contact a Community Helper when in need!

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :)

I've played on Team-NeO's Cops n robbers till late 2009, afterwards moved to samp-rp russia servers and I also have played on NGG! haha nice to see somebody's a SAMP'er :)

Catcha ya all later! ;)

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Hello Neo_scout! Welcome to the community! :)

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Hello there Scout. Welcome to the community. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or one of the other Community helpers.

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