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A concern...

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Now, I watch some streamers who do play on our servers, ie; Kiwo, MrMoon, Chow, Dmitri, etc.

There are those people who want to join DayZRP because they love to RP. Then there are those people who want to join DayZRP to play with streamers and be involved with what they're doing.

Now, I know that the publicity and such that they've given is a two-way street that can bring both great rp'ers, but at the same time can also bring people who just are kinda "meh" and don't take it seriously.

I've been reading a lot of reports, and I just see so many instances where people are like "Oh I didn't know!"

This isn't pertaining to anyone in particular. This is just a general thought that I kinda just wanted to throw out there. I don't know if anyone else has thought the same, but I know we're all here to RP and enjoy ourselves, and hopefully that will continue.

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Its othing new, whenever an youtuber/ streamer joins the comunity an rather large amount of epople follow, of which few stay after the streamer/youtuber leave.

this is rather frustrating becouse the server will usually just be full with people that dont even want to RP but just stream snipe or something like that

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I think this is a strong community, and with that will come stronger RP. We all help each other, and we all get better. if a new guy comes in and nobody wants to RP with him because he bad RP. Then how will he get better? I know it can be frustrating, but I know going on teamspeak after my RP sessions, really helped me. Maybe that could help others as well.

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I get what is upsetting you, nambizzle.

But this is something we, the community, will always be experiencing.

There are allot of different people here. And we all have a different standard for RP. One person is more into heavy rp while the other rather goes by relaxed rp.

Streamers are, in my opinion, a great asset to the community. They highlight the points of our community, showing the great roleplay and how it should be. Ofcourse you will always have people that join the community just to be playing with the streamers. Eventually these people get weeded out, because they don't really have any interest in the community and mostly get reported frequently for breaking rules.

Long story short: Streamers are a great asset, rulebreakers do get weeded out

Morale of story: Report and re-educate the rulebreakers!

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Nothing we can do really.Like Vandy here said,the people who join because of the streamers and aren't good in rp will eventually get bored or reported(if they do something stupid).There are people who aren't great in rp but didn't join because of any streamer,so its just something the community will always have.

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I think more people are going to be inspired to RP by their videos than not. I doubt many will see their complex storylines and log into an RP server just to deathmatch.

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