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Jordan Glass

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I was on my way to begin life again. A new job, a search for a new family. Once groomed for fame and stardom on top of the pro surfing tours elitist. A injury left me pondering my fate. My wife Leilani, soon frustrated with the normal lifestyle we began to live after the injury eventually left. Fits of anger and rage followed as I began to sell my belongings and set out on a trek to find myself once again.

I ended up in Central America, learning from local people the ways of survival. Spending 5 years alone on the desolate shoreline of the Pacific ocean. Swimming and hunting my food, building my own fires from nothing. Somehow managing to stay alive when all I wanted deep down was to die, for I had lost it all. Those thoughts of fame and money haunted me for years until I was merely a shadow of myself.

I bartered for a ride to Easter Island from a small sailboat while i was in Panama, The young girl who was sailing alone, taught me many things on a 3 day journey. Emily knew who I was when I told her my name. She let me speak about my past and eventually got me to break down into tears. For the first time in years I had let go, finally born new on a small sailboat heading to an island I had always wanted to visit.

With hardly any personal items, Emily and I said farewell. She said she would return but I knew I would never see her again after that moment. She was my angel. She was a survivor. Like i had become.

My time on Easter Island was purely spiritual. On the island it is believed that the living have a symbiotic relationship with the dead, and that the dead provide everything that the living need whether it be health, good land, or fortune. In return the living will pay tribute to the dead, which gives them a better place in the spirit world. This is a concept that I had taken a particular interest in. The people of Easter Island are the most beautiful , caring, people in the world. Descendants of warriors and cannibals.

3 years on the island and finally I was offered transport back to Oahu, In my mind was going to reclaim my lost love, show her how much I had changed and finally make the family we had both spoken about.

Back on the island, Clean shaven again, reborn. I tracked her down through friends or so called friends. A warm rain fell as the sun slowly set on the west side of the island as I found her. As i peered through the shrubs into the yard and the window of the small house, i saw her for the first time in 9 years. Beautiful as ever. She prepared dinner and as i made my way toward the front of the house. I looked through window once more and noticed her lifting a beautiful child into her arms. She didn't wait for me. She wasn't suppose to. I never asked her to. She was over my self doubt and the pity i took on myself for not being who she believed deep down i was. I left the house with no contact. Eventually wandering to my old surf spot that I was discovered on 25 years earlier.

The sun now rising as young surfers took to the ocean chasing their dreams. A familiar voice came over my right shoulder. It was my old agent, still surfing, still living the lifestyle. He told me how my name had come up in conversation several weeks ago as an ideal representative of an indoor surf park that they were constructing in eastern Europe, he brought me home, we discussed it and though I was not accustomed to the public eye any longer, I accepted the position and was thrust back into the limelight after 8 years of being off the grid. I had been in touch with my primitive side.I enjoyed my primitive side. I was content. Deep down I knew this was the wrong path.

2 months later, i was on a the flight to my new career as the world below me began crumbling. I had no idea that my entire life had trained me for the moment i was to land. I would survive, I was reborn. I had finally come home.

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