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When it Rains... it Pours

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The sun beat down through the trees above, yet the air and soil were all too cold. The faint cloud of breath floated into the air from the girl's lips under the pair of rusty binoculars she held to her eyes as she looked over the ransacked base.

She slowly lowered the binoculars from her blue eyes, brushing her brown hair back from her face and proceeded to put her binoculars away before adjusting her green cap on her head, then slowly pushing herself up onto her feet from her crouched position, standing their in her old US Engineer uniform, a bit dirty even though she tried her best to maintain it and keep it clean. She pulled her MP5 around, detaching it from its sling across her back and gripping it comfortably within her black gloves before slowly making her way down towards the abandoned military base.

The ground snapped and crackled under her, frozen from the hours of rainfall not too long ago, though she expected it to begin to rain soon. It boggled her mind how it could be so cold, yet rain so often in a place... why did it never snow? She would enjoy the snow much more than the rain, she was so tired of walking around in soaking wet clothes. She stepped over some rubble from one of the fallen walls around the perimeter of the base, stepping onto the broken concrete on the other side.

She slowly walked down the hall of one of the barracks, watching as each open door past by, clear, clear, clear. She stepped into the last one, glancing around the small room with just a bunk bed and a single locker... guess the soldiers didn't have much in the way of belongings. She sat her MP5 on the floor before quickly dropping to the floor herself, catching herself with her hands and lowering herself the rest of the way until her vest was against that dirty floor.

"Under the beds, always check under the beds... but does anyone ever check under the mattresses?~" She says to herself with a little smirk before shoving herself up onto her knees and scooting to the side of the bed, slipping her hands under the mattress and lifting it up. Her eyes widen a bit as she finds quite an... exotic, collection of magazines. Her face turns a bit red and she quickly lets go of the mattress, letting it flop back down against the rusty bed springs.

"W-well then..." She comments under her breath as she spins on her knees to grab her gun before standing back up and literally hopping out of the room and into the hall. Making her way back towards the door, poking her head into each room as she does to check around for any supplies. She spots something in the room next to the bathroom and steps in, leaning against the wall and standing on her tippy-toes to try to see what exactly that was ontop of the locker...

"Oh! Flashlight! That's gotta have a battery in it!" She stepped forward, reaching her hand up and trying to grab the flashlight before realizing she was too short. With a little annoyed growl, she sets her sub-machinegun against the wall and presses herself against the locker, grabbing the side of it with one hand and standing on just her left foot as if it would make her any taller as she tries her hardest to get that stupid flashlight.

With a disappointed grunt, she drops back onto both her boots, rolling her eyes and huffing as she turns and grabs her gun and stomps out of the room and towards the door.

"Stupid tall things... why is everything so tall in Chernarus? Ugh! I can't hardly reach any-Gha!" She's cut off as she walks right out the door of the barracks, and right into a silencer pressed against her forehead. Her eyes go wide, crossing a bit as she looks up at the pistol silencer, then slowly down to the figure in front of her. It was a woman, dressed in what she quickly identified as a US military uniform. Those brown eyes, full of anger and defiance, stared right into her own blue, surprised eyes. A camouflaged bandanna tied tightly around her face, masking the lower half of her face and only letting her eyes, some freckles she noticed speckled over what she could see of her cheeks, and her red, almost maroon hair from under her maroon radar cap visible to her. She gulped, licking her lips and slowly opening her mouth to speak...

"Uh... heh, h-hello..." She said timidly to the masked woman who continued to just stare in silence, un-phased by the girl's words. "Eh... I was just... looking around heh... erm... There wasn't anything inside but, I have a few cans of food if you would like." She offered, giving a polite little smile to hopefully get on the woman's good side. The masked woman let out a little amused huff before slowly pulling her pistol back from the girl's forehead and lowering it beside her, still clutched tightly in her grasp, never breaking eye-contact.

"Cute girl like you shouldn't be here alone." The woman said in a raspier, tomboyish kinda tone as she continued to just stare at the girl.

"huh? Oh! Uhm y-yeah heh, eh.. guess it is kinda dangerous..." The girl admitted, blushing a little and rubbing the back of her neck with her hand as she looked down at the masked woman's military boots... did she spray paint red stripes on them? She quickly looked back up to the woman, blinking twice before smiling, "Whats your name? I'm Veronica, pleased to meet you!" She said sweetly, quickly holding out her hand towards the other woman. She was met with silence as the woman just looked to Veronica's hand, then turned away.

"C'mon, not gonna stand here in the middle of the base and wait to get my head blown off." She states as she begins to walk away. Veronica just blinks, dropping her hand back to her side and watching the woman before quickly shaking her head.

"W-wait up!" She calls out as she runs after her.


The fire snapped and crackled, lighting up the shanty little shed Veronica and the masked women had taken up shelter in when the rains once again started to fall, hitting the tin roof with a loud patter of sounds... when it rained it poured it always seemed in Chernarus. Veronica slowly looked up from the fire and two the masked woman who was poking at it with a stick, her shadow flickering on the wall behind her in a way only fires could really portray. Shifting a little, moving herself off of whatever that was in her back pocket that she was sitting on to get more comfortable in her spot sitting on the ground against the opposite wall from the other woman.

"So... I never did catch your name, miss." Veronica pointed out, trying to make conversation with the woman. The fire unleashed a plume of flickering ashes up into the sky as the woman dropped the stick into the fire.

"...Cass..." She said in a solemn tone as she looked out the shed door and over the field beyond as the rain poured down over the landscape.

"Cass huh? Well, it's very nice to meet you Miss Cass!" Veronica said with a smile, wiggling her toes within her boots. The two remained silent for a few moments, Veronica soon giving up on the hope that Cass would begin a conversation and deciding on taking the initiative. "So! What were you doing around that military base? You know all alone and stuff, like how you said I shouldn't be." Veronica asked, indeed poking a little at Cass's hypocriticalness.

"Hunting..." Cass responded without taking her eyes away from the falling rain over the field.

"Hunting? What? Deer... those pig things... bunnies? I hope not bunnies, they are super cute! Especially when they run like super fast in circles, have you ever seen that? It's really weird, like they must be on drugs or something." Veronica says, giggling a little before biting her lip... she sometimes talked too much.

"People..." Cass said before slowly looking back to Veronica. Veronica's eyes widened and Cass let out a little laugh, quickly followed by a painful grunt as she rubbed her cheeks with one hand over her bandanna. "Ugh... still hurts.." She mumbled. "Heh... not what you're think'n.... I'm looking for some... people... I'm looking for revenge" She clarified, narrowing her eyes a little.

"Revenge? Oh well, what happened? They do something to you?" Veronica asked naively. Cass slowly lowered her gaze, staring into the fire for a silent moment, only the sounds of the rain falling over the ground and tin roof above, and the crackling of the fire being heard before Cass slowly raised her hands to the back of her head, dropping her head more as she appeared to untie her bandanna, clutching it in one hand and pulling it away from her unseen face.

"Clowns..." She said morbidly as she slowly lifted her head, revealing a massive, horrific scar from both sides of her mouth, up her cheeks, and nearly reaching her ears. The fire's light shining over her marked, pained face for only a moment before she lowered her head again and began to retie her bandanna. Veronica gasped in fear, quickly looking away and shutting her eyes to try and forget what she had just saw... she regretted ever asking. "Those.... fucks... dragged me out into the forest... and did this to me... I want my revenge on them, taken out of them with a few marks of my own..." She said in a deep, hateful voice, the fire between them mirrored in Cass's eyes.

"I.... I'm so sorry..." Veronica said, finding it hard to make eye-contact now and just looking to the ground.

"Yeah... well... now you know." Cass said as she slowly began to stand up. Veronica looked up at her with a curious look as she turned to the open door.

"You leaving?" Veronica asked in an almost disappointed tone. Cass remained silent for a moment, turning her head a little, only the side of her face visible to Veronica, illuminated by the fire's light.

"...You stay safe, Veronica." She muttered before stepping out of the shed and into the rain.

Veronica watched as Cass slowly walked away from the shed, walking over the soaked field as the rain fell overhead, and slowly disappearing into the distance. Veronica settled back down against the wall of the shed with a sigh, turning her gaze to the fire left ablaze, crackling and popping as it burned away, letting out its breath of ash, like lightning-bugs into the sky.

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~learned how to do colors! lol yay :P

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^ You're welcome. d:

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