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Whitelist App Reviewable?

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Is it possible to "Review" the Text of my accepted application? I would like to Write a whole background of my (currently due RL more inactive) Character, and it would come in handy if see which related Names etc. i used inside my application.

Thanks in advance for the Answers!

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You don't have to use your application background story or the names that you used in there. You can write a completely new story and pick a new name.

I believe that there is no way to get it. Sorry.

At the end of the application, they even tell you to make a copy of your application, incase something happens.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve the text from you application. As it states, prior to sending in the application, you were responsible for making a copy of it. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

/Marked as Solved

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Thanks for the fast Answers.

I actually copied it, unfortunately the laptop i used didn't survived the WEF. :-/

Well i try to use what i remember then, hopefully with some good Results.

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