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A question to all the nutters

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I've seen quite a few weirdo's in my travel through DayZ, now this question goes out to those that are in The Family/The Masquerade or if just in general your character has a few screws loose. Do you start out this way or is your character slowly driven to that in game? I've been interested in making a character on the weirder side but I'm not sure how the others do it.

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Most of the "Family" members were from a place called Khasavyurt, so they were driven this way in the past (included in their backstories). Members of the Broken were from Khasavyurt and are also driven this way, from being around some members for a while or just what happened to them once the apocalypse began.

A "nutter" either becomes crazy from his backstory and past events,

or what he seen in the apocalypse (which doesn't make as much sense, considering we're only a few months in)

or he is just a poor rp'er and pretends to be his version of "crazy" by eating humans and wearing a clown masks with plenty of giggling.

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My character is progressively losing it, I guess. She started out a bit aggressive and maybe a bit hot headed, but now it is slowly turning into paranoia and a kinder way of approaching things. If things keep up, she might start seeing shadows move, and hearing footsteps and voices that aren't there.

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