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Donor / Account issue.

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A friend an I were reminiscing about playing on your white list servers back when DayZ was just an addon and decided we would like to come back and give it ago on the standalone.

Though my friend logged into his account with no issues I was not as successful. When I requested my password be resent an error appeared that there was no record of my email address (an address that hasn't changed in 15 years). Possibly purged at some point for inactivity(?) Not a big deal, so I recreated an account.

I was originally a donor therefore wondering if it were possible to get my donor status reinstated? I still have the paypal receipt of donation that I can provide.

Donation: #144:974 | Lerc

Confirmation number can be PM'd

Many thanks,


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PM me the confirmation number and the PayPal email address that was used.

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Glad you have it sorted


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