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some feedback on KoS rule and NLR explanation

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i have some hours left to work on my application, so i would like to get some feedback on what i have so far and if i could get some advice etc.

i did post it in a previous thread but as it got marked as solved before i posted it i though i did a new thread for feedback and advice, hope i did not do anything wrong with that :)

here goes,

"New life rule. -snip-

how do you guys think it looks? appreciate all opinions and feedback i can get :)

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Hi Tuuna.

I have looked over your explenations and I think you have ticked everything what's needed for NLR and KoS.

The only thing I would change a bit is this line in your KoS explenation:


You are not really allowed to just go up towards a random stranger and be like: hmm I want to kill this man. This against our rules as well. I would change it to: "if by some change you want to rob/harm someone, you have to make your evil intentions clear, ......"

Other then that, your explenations seems to be clear. Maybe explain the hostage situation a bit more with an example. As you know, adminstrators love to read examples! By explaning the rules with examples, you show you axtually have understood them well!

Does this answer your questions?

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yes thank you :) i'll make sure to change that:) and thanks for taking time reading it!

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Glad Vandy could help you :)

Marking as /Solved

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