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Why cant we just get whitelisted straight away?

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I signed up to DayZRP to get a new take on DayZ, as i was bored of getting K.O.S all the time, and i liked meeting people on the rare occasion they didn't shoot me. so after signing up i am greeted with "non-donors cant be whitelisted yet, too many people" or something like that. Why cant we all be whitelisted and if there is no room on the server, then oh well, u know first come first served sort of thing. Just seems a bit silly in my opinion, but there is probably a valid reason.

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You cant be whitelisted due to the overexxesive amounts of applys theres currently something like 400 whitelist requests and only 4 admins to deal with them, they want to reduce that amount before letting any new ones in, and its alot of work for em

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If we whitelisted everyone then there would be no accountability for rule breaks. As stated, there are enough as it is. Our servers would turn into a public server if we did this. This it not what the community wants. We pride ourselves on the higher standard than public servers.

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