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Whitelist App: Group Right Sharing

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Hi, I've been trying to apply on this server for some time now. I've applied twice and have been preparing for my third and final attempt which I'm working fairly hard on.

I have one issue that needs to be addressed with my application and that is failure by incorrectly/failing to explain the rule on group KoS right sharing.

I've been using the 24 hour downtime to improve my response and adding an example and want to be certain I have what is needed before my final attempt.

If anyone would care to offer advice/Feedback that would be greatly appreciated. The paragraph the KoS Group right sharing is written below, with the specific section highlighted for convenience -

The Killing on sight (KoS) rule is one of the key rules to the server. Before any action can happen, players must make an interaction with one-another. If you intend to be violent, the intention must be clear to all players and any demands or requests for a player to be compliant must also be clear. This allows players to understand what is happening and give them a fair chance of reacting. There are two conditions in which a player would share KoS rights. The first condition for shared rights is that you are within 500 meters at the time the situation occurred and the second is that you are a part of one of the involved parties of an initiation. An example of this could be than your friend is initiated upon that leads up to his death. You would then be able to return fire on the person who initiated. When doing this, you should be certain you are attacking the correct person.

Thanks for taking the time to read and look at this post. Its greatly appreciated.

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Give a big example, a whole situation, admins love examples.

Good luck with your try

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I am confused, do I have to be both within 500m and part of their group or what? I don't get that part.


PM me if you would like any more help.

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If your friend is killed and hasn't told you before he died that he was initiated on you don't have kos rights on his killer. If he did indeed tell you that he was initiated on you can take action and try to rescue him if u were in the proximity of 500 m from the robbery. Please tale your time to read the rules once more cus it seems to me that you have not yet fully understood them.

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You must be a part of both instances to be considered for shared KOS rights, you must be within 500m of the situation and be involved with the group prior to the incident, both of these must be completed in order for the shared rights to incur.

As Alsatian said, use examples too, of how this can be used, abused and how other rules effect it, that makes it a whole lot easier on the admins to get an understanding of what you know.


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