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Guest worthygeeza

i`m new to dayzRP

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Guest worthygeeza

hello people just wanted to hi to everyone on forums.

and i hope to meet some nice people on here.

i play dyaz alot and want to try your server and hope that its as good as i`m hearing.

and i would like to play on a role play server. were there are no hacker or glitches people use.

i like a far play server!!!

i have played alot of online games ... most being battlefield games

anyways i hope to see or speak to everyone soon :)

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Welcome Worthygeeza, good luck with the whitelist. If you have any questions feel free to ask

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welcome to the dayzrp bandwagon where we speed off into greener pastures XDD mowing down the zomz of course lol anyways enough of my rambling welcome to the group and good luck with your app hope to see ya server side.

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