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Hey guys, just finished my application and wanted to know what you guys thought:

-NLR Rule Explained - NLR is when you die and are prohibited from going back anywhere near (1km) your deceased body for the next 90 minutes. An example of NLR: "Nate returns to his body shortly after being executed for failing to comply with a bandits demands. Nate grabs his weapons and armor back off his body, and hunts the bandit down." This violates NLR. You do not remember memories about you're death and how it occured. When you die, the only memories you still have are of previous groups, friends, and enemies. Example: Nate is in a group with 4 other friends, Nate later gets slain by a random bandit, Nate will still remember his friends.To prevent yourself from breaking NLR, do not return to your recently slain body until 90 minutes has passed, also, do NOT give your friends who may be on TeamSpeak information about your killers.

-KoS Rule Explained - The term, KoS, refers to Killing on Sight. KoS is when someone is purposefully murdered without any attempt to communicate or negotiate. Even if you play a Bandit role, you must give your captive commands/demands, be sure to make your demands very specific and warn your captive of the consequences if he does not comply. Any murdering of other played is to be justified by your role in the game. Also, if you're rolling as a bandit and you're holding someone hostage, you must provide them with food, water, and protection if necessary. Example of KoS: You are looting a town, and you run into another player who is also looting the town, instead of robbing him and demanding certain items, you just flat out blast him away. This will allow the player you killed to file a KoS report on you, and you really don't want that. When it comes to Group KoS sharing, there are two different possibilities: one, you're attacking, or two, you're defending. When you're attacking, if you initiate by yourself when the rest of your group is outside of the initiation zone (maybe 30+ meters?), and the person who you are holding up resists and shoots you, your group won’t get a KoS right on that person, because it was only you who started the hold-up. When you're defending, you get KoS rights to everyone and anyone within a 500 meter radius.

-Reason to Play DayZRP - I would like to join DayZRP because I've never played a RolePlaying game before. I've tried out an RP server on World of Warcraft, but nobody else seemed to play along, it was just like any other server. I've been watching videos on YouTube all the time about people playing on this server. I feel like the entire game of DayZ is changed. Your whole perspective on people is different. You may meet some people trying to rob you, but some may not enjoy doing it, they may be doing it strictly to survive, or to feed those back at base. I just want to play a game-mode that actually makes me want to keep playing. Roleplaying makes it so that others may rely on me for specific reasons. I'm also extremely tired of playing normal DayZ and just being shot in the head everytime I confront someone. I took a few drama classes in highschool, so I can surely play my part in a post-apocalyptic role. I can be scared when I need to be, serious when asked, and be a little baby and hide in a room and cower if need be. I honestly think that Roleplaying is such an amazing thing that I feel every person should be able to try out.

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Very nice application the only thing i see wrong with it is the KOS sharing rights the way you wrote it makes it somewhat hard to understand and you want the mods who review your app to understand that BOTH requirements must be met. Not one OR the other. other than that i believe you are good to go i would love to see your backstory on Lores and Stories section you should post that for everyone to see as well. Good luck with your app and i hope to see you server side.

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You scrambled the kos rights in the end u started off good but towards the end its not correct. Read trough the rules once more and redo your application then wait for it to be denied to resubmit. Be sure to get your point across as simple as you can so that everyone reading it doesn't get confused. The part with the range of kos sharing and who gets kos rights and when is the part that's wrong.

Also one important thing in firefights and such is aquiring and confirming targets. You can't just shoot everyone you see in the 500 m radius. As I said, read through the rules again and rewrite but be careful that you get your point across as simple as possible.

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Just as the people above have stated, near the end of your KoS explenation it gets a bit confusing. I would rewrite that part about sharing KoS rights.

I'm also missing the timer on how long you are allowed to hunt someone down.

Also try adding the rules what you need to do when you are taking someone hostage. Put in an example of a complying hostage and a non-complying hostage, and how you would react to as a bandit.

With these pointers, I think your applicaiton would be fin.


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