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Hi, new and look forward to meeting you all! feed back please ^^

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I was born into this world, December 4, 1990, to a Drew Tait Kane and a Carmen Ella Foster, where they dubbed me Renee Lynn Kane. Dad’s job kept the stress high in the house more often than not. He worked as an EMT, driving the ambulance and giving on sight attention to the injured. Since my dad was in and out of the house often, mom was my a disciplinarian, which wasn't hard to do since she was also a teacher at my school up until high school.

In the days of my youth, it was obvious I had inherited my father’s stubborn streak and my mother’s attitude towards most everything in life, which gave me the advantage of ‘starting the fight’ more often than not. I remember once, Mom was looking over an art project of mine, she mentioned that I had the natural art ability that her mom did when she was my age, who ever that is. It was clear from an early start, that my parents had no want for me to know anyone from their families, so I grew up without your typical grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even cousins, leaving my family tree at me. A day finally arrived when the other kids in my school were making family trees, mom and dad helped me paste a picture of each of them, and then one of me. I came home with tears in my eyes after being teased about not knowing my grandparents, or anyone for that matter. I finally asked my mom why I didn't have them. Mom only gave me a stern talking to, and sent me to my room, saying that I wouldn't understand, needless to say, I never did ask about their sides of the family ever again.

The time finally came about for me, High school. Yes, the pre-adult station, where hormones run without tame, and ankles tend to find their way above their ears. I found myself with a small base of friends, three to be exact; Keith, Rachel, and Aaron. I remember this one time, we were all in Rachel’s families’ basement for her sweet sixteen party, playing truth or dare. You know how that game goes, eventually the dirty dares come out, I happened to be the first victim which was to kiss Keith. He started to wig out, pattering on about how it wasn't a good idea, how he may have cooties, feeling a bit sick in which I just called him a pussy and kissed him anyway. That kissed launched a spiral of emotions and brought us into a relationship of dating status. Dad was very angry about me dating a white boy, but he eventually got over it and the relationship continued up until junior year. At this point of time, Keith was pushy and I thought i was ready to take it to the next step, which ended awkwardly and we broke it off the next day. The next major thing to happen in my life, that would change everything...The day my dad died. It was during a ride back from work, it was late and the roads were slick because of the time of year. It only took one deer to run across the road to make him swerve, an four hours for his truck and him to be found. Mom and I were cleaning up my birthday cake, saving a slice on the table for Dad, it was mine and his favorite, we made it every year together the day before my birthday. When the door bell rang, I ran to the door, smiling just to find the police men, asking if my mother was home. We identified the body, I can’t get his face out of my head...Couldn't be the memory of his last meal, his last laugh or any laugh, nope, had to be his bloody beaten face and mangled body on a gurney. I took a lot of art classes that year and senior year that flared my creative curve up even more than before. As graduation approached, Mom lined out colleges leaflets, and scholarships, while I made plans for my own journey. I had grown so fascinated by the landscape of Russia, the hills, foliage, and life styles of those who call it home, it also helps that I wanted to get away from my home, seeing the places I used to go with my dad was too painful to keep seeing when I was just walking around town.. I’m not going to admit that I was running away, but I was trying to go somewhere new, never seen before by anyone in my family.

The day finally came, graduation, and when I turned the tassel and threw my cap in the air, I knew my choice was clear. Within the week, I had my bags packed and mom begging me to change my mind. With my sketchbook and pack on my back, I headed to Russia on the wings of a plane.

When I left, I was a confident five foot eight inch tall, brown eyed, twenty-four year old, mulatto, woman. my hair was a long, black, made out of softly curled locks of hair, usually tied back in a loosely fit bun at the back of my head. I used to have both my ears pierced, until I lost my left stud and now the hole has sealed up, however I still have my right ear pierced, and the top of my left ear with a small stud as well. The lining of my wrist is marked by my families trade mark symbol that my dad took me to get the week before my sixteenth birthday, as well as after my father’s death I got another on the back of my shoulder, a pair of wings, white with darkened black linings and shadowing. I arrived in Europe when I was nineteen,lived there till my twenty-second birthday. Usually, I kept to myself, roaming the hills or the forests, searching for my next ‘Master-piece’ so I could sell it on the road to tourists, or who ever would buy it. I’d use that money to then go into what I needed. It wasn't until one day I was sitting in a field, concept drawing for my sketch book when I suddenly heard a crunching behind me, I whipped around and found a, what I like to call, Zom stumble out from the brush. I never had a bigger reason to fear another human before that day. Why call them Zoms? Lets just say I had a rabbit named Zomz who liked to bite.... It didn't end well for little Zomz. Now a days, I stay to the trees, taking every moment I can to draw in my diary book, or write an entry if I have the time to, or the energy.

Kos Description-

The rule of Kos is the act of killing another player once sight is made.You give the player no chance at survival as well as ruin possible Rp experiences by taking this route.However during certain instances you are allowed to kill another being. To stay away from unnecessary killing this server has set certain rules to protect their community. Such as forcing your character to initiate against another, a very simple example of this includes robbery, once raising your gun and stating your demands clearly, you have started a hostile action.If your victim doesn’t comply within 10 seconds of your demand you may put a bullet in them and be done with it, but if they do comply then you must take care of your hostage. Protect against zombies, hydration, starving and even other players. Now on the other side of the situation, if you are the victim you are absolutely allowed to defend yourself or even take revenge,However to take revenge the hostile action must have happened within the two hours of the occurrence unless you were killed in said action then unfortunately you would be violating new life rules but that is a different rule that i will get into later. Back to Kos rules, the only way you would be able to share Kos rights is if you are at least 500 meters from the hostile action at the time it was initiated and happen to be apart of the involved group in the hostile action. Only then are you able to commit the killing. An example of sharing Kos would be if my partner got robbed and i was with the requirements i would be allowed to get into the perfect position and take the shot if no other ending deal was made.

NLR Description-

The rule NLR stands for New Life Rule basically means when your character dies they die. However only to an extent if you don’t wish to create another character then the only things you must do is forget were you died and how you died, meaning i can keep memories of the ones i met, what my goal in the apocalypse was and any other instance before what ever caused my death happened. This stops players from telling their comrades where they have died and who killed them if their team was not in the immediate area. A very simple example would be if i were to fall off the fire station, like i have many, many times to glitches i wouldn’t simply be able to run back and grab my loot and go on my way i would have to simply accept the death and understand that i will no longer be able to go with a 1Km radius of my bodies resting place for at least 90 minutes from when the death happened. Another example is if i was bull headed to a robber, like my character is and the robber shot me i would be unable to hop on skype tell my friends who killed me so that they would help me exact revenge, from the moment of death i may not exact revenge, like i said earlier you simply have to act like it never even happened.

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You're backstory was really impressive, it's sure to impress whoevers going to have a look at it as well! You kept examples in both the KoS and NLR explanations as well, it looks good! :D

I'd love to see you write more when you get whitelisted in the Lore and Stories section. Your backstory definitely kept me interested and I'm sure a story following your characters daily life in Chernarus is bound to keep me and others interested as well!


Oh, and welcome to the server! :D

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