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110.6 - Worth Living?

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*Gonzalo Vergara sits on the edge of the bed reading a book that he found earlier he swipes trough the pages without reading so carefully. Bored and depressed, he decides to go trough his backpack and take out his radio he thinks about it for a minute and decides to talk in it*

"Hel.. {bzz} Hello i dont know if anyone is listening but if you do please repond...

*the radio goes silent... after a minute Gonzalo speaks again*

"My name is Gonzalo Vergara i am a 24 year old student from Chile i went here to study the nature and visit my cousin but hell broke lose before i got the chance to do anything... I met a guy his name was John i dont kow his last name but he was a Swedish journalist we went from Novo to god knows where... We were togheter a while but i lost him he was the only person that i have seen in a while and now my only friend is gone its been 2 days now...

*you hear Gonzalo sob and now he is starting to sound desparate in his voice*

I am now sitting in a apartment in this forasken city Novaya Petrovka with sucidal thoughts im trying to resist but i dont know how much longer i will live.... so anyone or anything please respond...

*you hear another sob then the some static, the radio goes silent*

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*Hearing the transmission from the desperate survivor, Luka quickly snatched up his scratched old shortwave and pressed the transmit button*

'Jesus...Sir, if you can hear me - this is Kapitain Luka Kratochvil, 101st CDF Pioneers...I honestly don't know what to say if you're feeling suicidal...Christ - only twenty four as well? All I can really say is don't give up hope - never let anyone or anything take it from you...it looks bad I know, but we're rebuilding as I speak. If you need to talk to us - contact us over Frequency 132.65, I'll be here if you need someone to talk to.

Kratochvil Out.'

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* After hearing the plea for Help, John Decides to respond *

'Hello, Can you hear me sir? I'm with a group of local survivors who reside in the areas around your current location. At this very moment I am breaking camp and contacting my friends to make way toward you. Please friend Death doesn't need another name today! I beg of you pleas reconsider...I move on your request friend -

* The Radio breaks and silence falls on the frequency again *

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*After making sure he does not rudely interrupt anybody else who wants to speak, Viktor puts down his canteen and pulls the radio out of his front pocket*

"Hello, mister Vergara. Did I say that correctly? My name is Viktor. Listen to me. I have only been stuck here a month and I have no possibly way of knowing what you have had to live through or what is going on that would bring such thoughts to your head, but hear me out, yes? Death is not the way. Do not kill yourself, comrade. Gods only know how many of us there are still left and every other lifeless body is another blow to humanity...

Look at history. We have survived time and time again despite events, possibly far worse than today's. Us, humans.. we are tough bastards, yes?"

*Viktor chuckles*

"Listen, you are alive. There is life. Where there is life, there is hope. There is always hope... Just don't be giving up! Things will be better. You will see."

*Viktor puts his radio away, takes another sip from his canteen and packs up his things, readying himself to head north*

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*Gonzalo jumps up from his bed happy to hear voices, that someone responded he presses the button and starts talking*

" Hello im happy that some responded... really happy.... kaptain Luka i am suprised that the CDF still exists... im glad that you are still rebuilding, there might be some hope in this fucking hell. And the other person that responded i didnt see anyone i probably missed them if you actully sent someone... I feel alot better now actully....

*Gonzalo realses the button then he press it again*

Thanks and one more thing!--- puta la mierda es un loco cabrón aquí--

*you hear 2 gunshots then static silence*

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