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Duke "DurkaG" O'Malley

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Duke O'Malley, Known to his friends as DurkaG (pronounced Durka Gee), grew up in a small town in the united states. Missouri was all he has ever know, all he ever though his life would evolve around. His family worked in the city, but the country life style coursed through their veins. If not at work or at school, they spent their time hunting, fishing, Or just working on their farm. Raised with a general understanding of the land, DurkaG grew up spending most of his time in the woods. This created a stronger person, and helped him develop into the person he wanted to be. He longed to live off of the land, with a nice small home in the woods.

Now a full grown man, Duke had different feelings. It was time for him to live out his dream, but its not the dream that we know of. Over the years Duke developed a new dream. The new dream was to travel, to hunt all over the world, and to pursue a career in scouting and game tracking. This dream of his led him to a career of guided hunts where he quickly found out that the skills he learned in small town Missouri, were just as useful throughout the world. Sure the game changed from place to place with each individual place introducing him to new challenges, but the basic premise was the same.

Duke found himself in Alaska one fall. Hired over the phone by a gentlemen who would only give the name of Malvin. Malvin spoke to Duke about a hunt and asked Duke to immediately travel to Alaska. Malvin had a plane ticket waiting for him already. It did not take DurkaG long to accept the offer as he was excited for a new territory to test his skills on. The next morning DurkaG hopped on the plane with just his basic essentials. Half a day later, the plane touched down in Fairbanks Alaska. As he was unboarding the plane, he noticed a man waiting for him at the gate. This man stopped DurkaG and introduced himself at Malvin. Malvin, with his thick irish accent, informed DurkaG that there was no time to lose. They had to quickly board their flight.

Duke, feeling a bit rushed, followed malvin to a small plane waiting for them on the run way. Once on the plane Malvin explained the hunt. It was not game they were looking for. It had no Antlers, It had no hooves or claws. This target that Malvin was looing for was his long lost friend, Ethan. Malvin described Ethan to Duke, His hair, his accent, his love for AK74's (not 47's, this confused DurkaG). Malvin explained how Ethan boarded a similar plain at the beginning of october. Ethan, which Duke quickly knew learned that he goes by the name Poptart, landed in Chernarus on an expedition of his own.

The rest of the plane ride was fairly uneventful. Duke explained to Malvin that his friends called him DurkaG, Malvin explain the Duke that his friends called him Malvin and sometimes Bert. Several hours into the flight they both heard a loud pop. This pop drew their attention to the Pilot which was now slumped over the controls. There was a whistling noise coming from the window of the cockpit. It did not take long to notice the bullet hole low on the pilots window. The Pilot was dead, they both knew it. As Malvin reached for the controls it was too late. Just before the plane smashed into the ocean, DurkaG notice shore line. They were not far from land.

DurkaG woke up washed ashore. All his belongings gone. No other person in sight. No signs of plane wreckage anywhere. All he could do was muster enough strength to stand up. He knew he had to find someplace warm. He knew he had to figure out where he was. Most importantly he knew he had to find his new friend Malvin, and keep and ear out for the name Poptart.

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