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3rd person ingame.

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Hi guys. Just a short and easy question for you.

So i was on top a building and in first person you werent able to see me there (we checked it ingame earlier if im visible or not in firs person for a person on the street). So there were these guys who were on the street next to me and they instantly asked me what I'm doing up there. So obviously they saw me cause they were in 3rd person.

My question is: Is it allowed to "see" someone in 3rd person even though you would not see him in 1st person?

I'm not mad that they "saw" me there and stuff.

Im just curious. :)

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This is actually a good question. I would think no because the only way they would see you is third-person.

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Yes, this would be considered metagaming and thus a reportable offense.

It's just the same with looking over the wall from one side via third person.

And indeed, you see it happend every day: People "hugging" a wall to look over it in thrid person.

I'd say: Report and re-educate!


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