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DayZ frying pans

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I've recently tried to use a frying pan in game to cook some meat and it has been less than successful. I've fried placing it in a fire and using a cooking stand. Does anyone know how if they can actually be used to cook yet or are they merely weapons?

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I don't think they work yet, I also tried using it, but no luck.

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Guest Doug Quade

Pretty sure they are just a crappy melee weapon at this point. Have you tried using one on a portable stove ?

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I have succesfully used one in conjunction with a portable stove. It's quite simple actually:

  • Place stove and frying pan in the ground.
  • Equip stove with gas canister and fill frying pan with meat.
  • Turn on the stove.
  • Place frying pan on Stove. It should heat up.
  • Keep an eye on the contents of the frying pan, they will be done in about a minute or two!

I'm being very methodic with the steps because often, if you carry everything assembled in your inventory and just turn the contraption on, it will not get lit, or the frying pan will not heat up. It's better if you do it step by step because it guarantees that you'll get results.

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As the Wiki said you can only use them on portable gas stoves.

Since your question is answered I shall mark this as solved.

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