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Guest Munnky78

Greetings and salutations

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Guest Munnky78


Just signed up for the forums. Will be applying soon for white listing. Trying to iron out the details of my character. Was a little bummed that certain activities are not allowed even when with in the realm of RP'ing but that's ok I just won't be able to play a cannibal sociopath.

I have played All Flesh Must Be Eaten once or Twice. I was thinking of going with John Q America was divorced with two kids. 12yr old son and 8 yr old daughter. All of whom were murdered in cold blood at the hands of bandits. This makes him more concered of others than of the undead. He has PTSD, is a smoker and an alcoholic. Either that or I will go with an essentric over the top D.I. lol.

A little about me... 36yrs old, I have a 3yr old. 700+ in SA and 400+ in the MOD back in the day. I am going to college for IT. I am an aspiring artist(Concept, comics, geeky stuff). That being said I am a geek. I consider myself a renaissance Gamer of sorts(I play almost everything). Just started streaming on twitch this week. Wont be serious about it until my upgrade parts come in. Also working on a card game to hopefully get on Kickstarter.

Games currently playing:

League of Legends



Darkest Dungeon

Dying Light

Oddworld New and Tasty

Dragon Age Inquisition

Star Citizen

Games to come:

Star Citizen (FPS Module this month!!)


The Division

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Welcome Munnky, Sounds like you have a lot going on, I hope you enjoy our community and good luck with the whitelist !

Should you need anything feel free to ask :)

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Welcome to the community Munnky :), seems like you play a lot of sick games, and are very busy with life. Hopefully you get the time to relax and play.

Looking forward to meeting you in game ;).

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