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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

The Mel'nik Brothers

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

*looking through his scope, Mikhail sights in on the two figures down the street


*Anton quickly pulls outs his rangefinders and replies

432 meters. Wind coming from east to west. Ready when you are, brother

*Mikhail begins to relax, slowing both his breathing and pulse. A click and milliseconds later a loud bang. The dust around the barrel is disturbed causing a small cloud of dust to form around them. One of the figures on the street clutched his chest then abruptly collapsed. Mikhail cycles the bolt and shoots the other man in the knee to prevent him from escaping. The man begins to cry and beg for mercy.

Good hit, brother!

Of course it's a good hit! What else did you expect?!

*The two brothers packed up and quickly approached the lone figure on the street


*the man continued to list reasons, but the two brothers just grimly looked at him then looked at each other and nodded. Mikhail opens one of the pockets in his jacket and pulls out a simple, unadorned silver ring and shows it to the crying man

Last I checked a good man who goes to church and loves his family doesn't kill an innocent young woman over a single can of food, and you didn't just stop at killing her! You took out your little knife and you cut her up! Then you started a little shitty fire, and then you began to cook her. I'm pretty sure that a good man doesn't do that kind of shit, you know? Don't you think so little brother?

I agree, brother

*Anton pulls out a bat with an inscription on the bat that reads "Katayusha" and Mikhail shoulders his rifle and pulls out his pistol. The eyes of the crying man widened in fear and began to frantically back away from the two brothers

Looks like we have some business to attend to brother

It seems so

*Anton quickly comes up on the man, and hits him square in the jaw. The man reeled from the hit and was instantly knocked out on the cold, hard concrete street. Anton went for another hit, but Mikhail quickly intervened and stopped him

Brother, stop. I wish to keep this man alive. I want him to send a message to the others. I want them to all know that the Mel'nik brothers are not somebody to be fucked with.

But brother he will continue to kill and eat others, we must stop him

I know that...hmmm....

*the man quickly regained consciousness but hid it from the two brothers. He quickly unsheathes his small steak knife and attempted to stab Anton, who was closer to him. Detecting the movement, Anton sidestepped to avoid the knife and Mikhail quickly brings up his pistol and shooting him. The bullet finds it's target and the man collapsed like his friend very much earlier. The brothers quickly turned his body so they may gaze upon the face of the man who was desperate enough to bring a knife to a gun fight. His eyes were wide open as if he was not expecting to die so easily. Mikhail went to go close his eyes and said

Крепче спишь , ублюдок

To be continued...

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Omg I love it....can't wait to read more, and I especially like that its based off ingame events...great read Luis;)

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Good read Mikhail!

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Hmm... interesting indeed

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

*whilst in the midst of searching an abandoned pub, the brothers find two cans of beer and a small collection of canned foods. Then Mikhail suddenly hears a disturbance outside....

::gestures:: 2 people on the street. Go out the back door

*the two figures on the street were a strange bunch. One wore a cowboy hat and had a prominent Southern accent whilst the other was more quiet and sullen and carried what seems like an old acoustic guitar on his back.

Dom mane, we've been look'n fer dem UN folks mane... Don't seem like they're here.

Yeah... It looks like they're not here...

Hey Dom mane, I'm hungry. Ya mind if we check dat grocery store real quick. Maybe I'll find myself a stick o' dem fancy chewing gum hehehehe!

*the two figures made their way to the grocery store across the street from the pub and began to search it. The two brothers stayed in an alleyway nearby eavesdropping on their conversation.

::whispering:: Ok, brother. Here's the plan: You will make your way to the grocery store and make contact with those two. I'll be up there ::motions to the 3 story building nearby:: covering you. If they do anything, I have the one in the cowboy hat with the shotgun and you'll take the other one with the guitar. Okay?

Understood, brother

*the two brothers moved into position and Anton moved his way to the two people inside the grocery store

Umm..Hello there

*the two figures, clearly startled, turned and point their weapons at Anton. Anton quickly ducks into cover behind one of the shelves. Mikhail zeroes in on the cowboy man's face

Oh shit! Ya gave us quite the scare mane! Sorry 'bout that. We haven't run into plenty of good people recently and it's kinda been a habit recently

It is okay. ::begins to curse under his breath:: Fucking foreigners

*Anton's radio buzzed to life and Mikhail's voice can be heard emanating from it

Anton! Are you ok? Don't make me worry like that you little shit!

Well... It was your plan after all...

Shut the fuck up


*the man in the cowboy hat looks over Anton's shoulder

Well who's that there ya got in yer radio mane?

*Anton, startled by the man, backs away

Oh I'm sorry mane if I'm intruding on something...

*after a very awkward silence, the figure in the cowboy hat begins to speak

Oh mane, sorry for my manners. I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Jack. Jack Pendergras! Bounty hunter extraordinare! And that there in the back with that fancy ol' guitar is Dom. Nice to meet you.... What's your name again mane?

Hey there...

Anton... Anton Mel'nik

Well I'm sorry fer making ya shit your pants like that Anton... Didn't really me-

*Anton's radio buzzed to life interrupting Jack

Anton! You have 3 people, heavily armed coming in from the south...wait...shit! You have another 3 people coming in from the west...shit Anton! There's more coming! They're surrounding the building, Anton! Shit shit shit!

To be continued...

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FFS, just post the next part already...

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

I'm at school rn damn. Gimme some time to gather my thoughts

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I'm at school rn damn. Gimme some time to gather my thoughts

Order Blitz to write some stuff then :P

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Goddamn school!!!! The plague of every civilized country!!!

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Awesome stuff, comrade! Keep it coming, can't wait for the next one! Ну, по быстрей, ну! :D

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Guest Doug Quade

Im chucking some beans in this thread ! Nice work !

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Good job man, Mel'nik brothers laying down the law!

keep up the quality level man, this is great.

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

Good job man, Mel'nik brothers laying down the law!

keep up the quality level man, this is great.

You can contribute too, you know?

You are a Mel'nik brother after all...

Just run it through me first

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Good job man, Mel'nik brothers laying down the law!

keep up the quality level man, this is great.

You can contribute too, you know?

You are a Mel'nik brother after all...

Just run it through me first

Show him who's the boss! Sorry just had too :P

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@Wendsill. Cheeky! , ok ill work on somet upload tmoz

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Pretty good read there man.Would love to see more.

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

::16 years ago::

Remember, Mikhail, patience may be bitter but it's fruit sweet.

*Viktor Mel'nik reaches over to where his son is and begins adjusting his form

Your shoulders are too tense, loosen up a bit. Not to loose though don't want the rifle flying out of your hand. Lean into it too. Ok, now relax Mikhail. Relax...

*the young Mikhail did as his father suggested. His shoulder loosened up, his breathing slowed. Looking through the scope of the old rifle, the young Mel'nik centers on the buck in the meadow

::looks through binoculars:: I'd say that's around 200 meters. Remember, Mikhail, aim for the heart. It would be better if we end the poor creature's suffering quick

Yes, Father.

*Mikhail squeezes on the trigger a click is heard and then a loud bang. The buck rose up on its hind legs then bolted for the tree line in the distance. Mikhail cycles the bolt and prepares to take another shot, but Viktor motions for him to stop

There is no need to waste anymore bullets, look ::points at the buck:: It's already dead...

*the buck's pace slowed down and then began to collapse it went on its knees then breathing it's last it died just short of the tree line. The father and son packed up and made their way to collect their prize.

::running his hand through the pelt::Thank you for the meat you have provided for us. ::looks at Mikhail:: Always respect your kill, Mikhail, whether friend or foe all the dead deserve respect

::vigorously nodding his head:: Yes, Father.

*Viktor then proceeds to gut the animal. Throwing out the organs to the side and skinning the pelt off. He takes the meat and throws it into a burlap sack which in turn he put in his backpack.

Let's go home. I imagine your mother will be quite worried

*both the father and son make their way through the woods to the small town of Pavlovo. It was a small town yet it's people were lively and welcoming. The duo make their way to the edge of town to the Mel'nik household. As they approached their home, a woman stood in the doorway, arms crossed, waiting for them.


*Mikhail attempts to sneak away but his mother rushes to him and grabs him by the ear

YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK, YOUNG MAN!::begins to pat him down looking for wounds of any sorts:: Are you hurt?! I swear you and your father's crazy antics will be the end of me. First he lets your drive a truck when you can't even touch the pedals! Next he teaches you to shoot, using my precious plates as targets! Why can't you be like Anton and listen to me?!

::jokingly smiles at his wife:: The boy must learn, Anna. He's no longer a boy. He needs to learn to fend for himself, you know?


*little 8 year old Anton pokes his head through the doorway, curious why his name was called

Yes, Mama? You called me?

*seeing that his father and brother have returned from their hunting trip, he rushes to them with a big and innocent smile

Did you see a bear, Mik? Huh? Did you see a bear? Maybe an owl? Or a wolf? Boar? Huh? Tell me, Mik! Tell me!::tugging at his brother's jacket::Don't leave like that again, ok? Mama was worried! And there was this girl that moved in to the house down the street, her name was Kat-

*motioning his brother to stop the torrent of questions and words coming, Mikhail ruffles his brother's hair and smiles at him

We'll talk later, Anton, but for now, I need to clean up, and then we'll share some stories, okay?

Ok, Mik! Promise?

I promise

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So little again? Pffft, you really like teasing me.

Keep it up Mikhail!

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

So little again? Pffft, you really like teasing me.

Keep it up Mikhail!

Something big is coming don't worry

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So little again? Pffft, you really like teasing me.

Keep it up Mikhail!

Something big is coming don't worry

That must be Blitz his contribution, I love how you put him to work for you:P If only his work will be of the same quality..

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:: October 19th the beginning of the end::

*Strong rays of sunshine pierced through the curtains in Anton’s room as he lay asleep, his chest slowly rising and falling in a relaxed fashion. Anton’s day was going just the way he liked it no interruptions, no problems. All of a sudden his room began to shake and his bed came alive with movement, he immediately woke up and looked around his room as books and ornaments fell from the shelves and collided with the floor*


*He shouted as if expecting an answer from someone but nobody replied, he glanced over at picture of his family that now lay face down on the floor, turning it over he gritted his teeth in anger to find that the glass was shattered and the picture had been torn in several places. Then as if like nothing had ever happened the noise disappeared completely, Anton remained knelt down scanning the room and trying to listen for any other noises from outside, An abrupt tap at the window made him almost fall flat on his back in shock as a girls voice called out*

Anton? You in there?....Anton please I need to talk

*Anton stood up and quickly ran to the window, he knew the voice but was not expecting her till this afternoon, he flung the window open to find Katyusha pacing up and down outside as soon as she saw him she ran and they embraced each other tightly*

Anton it’s horrible, I can’t believe it’s happening…..

What is it Kat?, you are scaring me… Where is your key? You should have come inside.

*Anton glanced over her shoulder as they hugged and saw people emptying from the houses down his street; they all seem to be walking towards the community house in the centre of the town. In the distance on the main road he could make out a military truck as it drove by disappearing from sight.*

Kat? You have to tell me what is going on

*he looked into her eyes as she slowly lifted up her head*

I went to see my Papa in Lopatino and he told me about something terrible that is happening, the people in some of the big cities are going crazy Anton, the army are in town and they want everyone to go to the Community house

*she gestured down the street towards the centre of town as Anton climbed out of his window, not even worrying about shutting it, he was taken aback by the news he had just heard. He took a deep breath and put on a straight face but underneath he was becoming more and more fearful with each passing moment which caused his hand to start shaking. Katyusha noticed and looked up at him as they walked down the street.*

Are… are you ok Anton?

*He looked back at her and replied with an uneasy tone*

Eeer sure yeh…..don’t worry about me, ill….I’ll be fine

*As they turned the corner of the street, he saw Military trucks pulling up in the centre of town and armed men piling out of the back of them, One of the men who appeared to be in charge was barking orders and pointing at the ends of the streets. He looked around and Anton and the man made eye contact for a few seconds, he looked gruff and tired like he had not slept for days which made Anton nervous in his presence, they broke eye contact and Katyusha tugged his arm towards the community house. He walked into the town centre and noticed that the whole town was gathered there, the entire courtyard was alive with voices and movement as people could be heard debating the recent news report on the situation whilst others were shouting out and demanding to be told what is happening*

Anton!.....hey Anton over here!

*Anton’s attention turned to a man at the other side of the crowd who waved his arms about in the air, after a brief moment of pushing through the crowd he found his friend Dima who shook his hand as they met whilst Katyusha stayed behind the pair. After they had finished greeting each other Anton Quickly piped up and asked*

Dima what is going on? Why are the army here?

I don’t know my friend, I have never seen them so worked up. Look Anton…

*Dima pointed at some of the younger looking soldiers who were stood behind there commanding officers at the front of the crowd.*

They are scared, their faces, Anton look at their faces….

*The faces of some of the soldiers were awash with worried looks and exhausted expressions, it deeply unnerved Anton, he thought to himself what could have made these battle-hardened men so frightened that they would show it in the open. His thoughts were Interrupted as the man in charge from before stepped up on to a brick wall and cleared his throat to get the attention of the crowd, everyone immediately became quiet and motionless as they waited in anticipation*

Citizens of Vavilovo! Listen to me….

*The man composes himself and continues talking*

You may have heard news from the big cities or neighbouring towns that something big is happening, that chaos has come to our country……hear me now! You are safe, the combined might of our armed forces will maintain order!.....

*The man appeared reluctant as he spoke his next words*

Yes the reports of decease are true….

*Suddenly the square again erupts with the sound of voices and chatter from the crowd, several people can be heard gasping whilst a women at the back of the crowd starts crying. One man near the middle throws his fist up in the air and shouts, Anton glances back at the man who gestures to one of his captains, the captain nods and draws a pistol from his belt then switches the safety off*


*the crowd continues to talk over him, at that point the man in charge motions to his captain and a shot is fired into the air. The attention of the crowd is now instantly drawn back to the man who clears his throat and resumes talking. Katyusha squeezes Anton’s hand as the gunshot is fired and he comforts her*

I will not coat my words with lies…….W..We..Western South Zagoria has fallen...

*the news immediately evokes a reaction from the crowd, most of which are silent from it but some embraced their loved ones whilst others curse under their breath, the women can again be heard crying at the back of the crowd. Anton struggles to maintain his composure and his mouth starts to tremble uncontrollably as Katyusha begins to whimper and clutch at his shoulder, a thought suddenly enters his head and he mutters under his breath*


*Dima glances at him and places his hand on Anton’s shoulder*

I’m sure Miller is ok Anton; he is a strong man he knows what he is doing

*the man in charge again calls out for the attention of the crowd*

Now listen to me!!....I will fight tooth and nail before I see our country descend into chaos!. It is times like these we must stick together and stay strong, remember! Strength!.......In!....Unity!

*The man comes down from the wall and walks off to coerce with his captains .Anton looks down at Katyusha who is still clutching his shoulder crying, he gently takes her face in his hands and embraces her*

Anton why is this happening…..why?!? Please make it stop, it’s not true…

Its ok Kat, everything is going to be ok…

*As he finishes talking and they embrace each other once more gunshots can be heard resounding out in the distance and then the low thunder of an explosion shakes the floor.*

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Blitz your entry into the Mel'Nik Brothers story was fantastic and emotionally. You two keep working together on this as you both are doing a great job, makes me wish I could write like this....again fantastic read and I can't wait for more...ENCORE!!!

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Very nicely written Blitz, loved it. Don't you dare keep me waiting too long for the next part ;)

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:: November 10th The End is Nigh::

*The light of the sun slowly begins to die as Anton, Katyusha and Dima shuffle down another deserted street desperately looking for supplies, their faces are completely void of life or anything resembling happiness, the clothes they wear are ripped and torn in various places but their appearance is the least of their concerns. The burnt out remains of a car smouldering from an explosion can be seen in the distance down the street, the town itself is completely silent only the sounds of the wind and the rattling of fences can be faintly heard.*

Down here Anton….I came to this market a couple of weeks before……

*He goes to finish his sentence but stops in his tracks as they pass the burnt out car, inside are the charred remains of a corpse clinging on to the door, the stinking odour of rotting flesh forces the group to reach for their shirts to cover their mouths from the poisonous smell. Katyusha turns her back and attempts to hold herself from throwing up onto the ground; Anton rushes to her side and supports her shoulder whilst Dima investigates the interior of the wreck. He lets out a quiet sigh as he looks at the back seat to find another figure clutching the hand of the driver, looking down at the ground Dima slowly turns and walks away trying to remove that recent image from his mind.*

Try not to think about it Kat….

*He picks her up and helps her regain the balance she needs to walk, the group then continue down the street towards the market. Night slowly starts to creep up and the last glimpse of light can be seen fading over the horizon, the sky now fills with an immense blackness and only the fires from distant apartment blocks and blackened houses down the street give light to the town. They walk up to the market and scan the area for signs of life, Anton peers through the smashed windows at the front of the store, the inside of the shop is illuminated through the cracks by the fires from outside, the two men look at each other and slowly nod.*

Looks clear….Dima you go around the back and search the storage area


Grab anything cans, bread, drinks anything

*Anton leads Katyusha by the hand through the front door and gestures for her to stay by the counter, he immediately starts to comb through the shelves for food or anything edible. After searching up and down for anything and turning up only empty rappers and rotten fruit he slams his fist down on the shelf and curses loudly, but is interrupted as a loud rumble outside catches his attention, katyusha stands up and looks through the doorway outside.*

People Anton….maybe they can help us?

*Anton rushes over to her side and looks outside, a large truck pulls up to the front of the store and 4 men leave the vehicle, one of them tightly gripping a bat of some description. Anton instantly reacts and pulls katyusha behind the counter where they kneel down and hide*

They are not here to help us Kat……ssshhhh

*he puts a finger to his mouth and reassures her as he slowly peeks over the counter at the four men who are now at front door peeking in just as they did before them. One of the men walks up to the door and kicks it open with his boot, the loud crash resonates through the store and makes katyusha jump in shock. Slowly the men walk into the store, their shoes making a loud thump with each step, the man with the bat suddenly addresses his group.*

Search it all!.......every shelf, every counter, every stall!

*the cluster of men disperse and begin searching the store slowly going through the same shelves Anton had just looked over, all of a sudden Dima emerges through the back door and runs into the room.*

Hey Anton look what I fo……..

*one of the men in the group fires a shot and hits Dima straight in the face, everyone in the room is startled and diverts their attention to him, Anton glances at Dima who slumps to the ground as a can of food falls from his hand onto the floor with a final clunk. Katyusha begins to open her mouth to scream whilst Anton leaps over the counter in anger and charges the group of men.*

You bastards!!.....ARRGGHHHH!!

Dimaaa!!! Nooooo!!

*The man with the bat responds and knocks out Anton as he runs at the group then gestures to one of his men to restrain Katyusha, the men fall silent as they wait for the next orders only the sound of Katyusha who is wailing in pain and fighting to be let free can be heard. Dima lies motionless on the ground his eyes still open, a small line of blood trickles down past his cheek on to the floor. The leader turns to the shooter and shakes his head.*

Alex? Why did you do that?

I’m sorry he came out of nowhere, thought he was one of the fucked up guys…I’m sorry

Doesn’t matter now, take this guy in back…..I want to teach him some manners

*He grabs Anton who is still unconscious by his head and faces it towards the rest of the group and katyusha.*

Don’t worry lad…..the boys will take good care of her

*slowly he drags him away into the storage area as Katyusha looks on, one of the men takes Dima by the shoulders and drags him to the front door where he kicks the body out of the door, down the stairs and onto the pavement. Katyusha continues to resist the men whilst Anton is propped up against a wall in the back room by the leader of the group, the man reaches into his bag and takes out a worn canteen then pours the water from the vessel onto Anton’s face. He wakes up and shakes his head from side to side whilst the man in charge stands up and readies his bat to hit him in the face.*

You coward!......fucking do it!!

*Anton brings up his sleeve and wipes the blood from his face and forehead, the sound of katyusha screaming can be heard in the other room which quickly Aggravates Anton.*

What are you doing to her!?!......ill fucking kill you if you touch her!!

*the man chuckles and replies whilst lowering the bat*

Son, you are in no position to be giving me the threats……if your stupid friend was more careful he might still be alive and besides there arrr………

*Katyusha’s screaming intensifies and there is sudden gun shot, after which the other room goes silent. The man calls out to his group in the next room.*

Hey what the fuck is going on in there!?!...

*He drops the bat and walks up to the door separating the two sides of the store, Anton remains quiet and then glances at the weapon on the floor then he slowly makes a move for the it whilst constantly staring at the man talking to his group making sure not to alert him to his actions. Once Anton has his fingers wrapped around the handle he quickly jumps to his feet and brushes himself off, not even bothering to mask his steps he casually walks up to the man who turns around and notices his advance and then the weapon in his hands.*


*He does not get to finish his words, Anton lands a blow straight across his jaw which makes a loud click, he immediately stumbles onto the wall behind him throwing up his hands in defence but Anton’s attack will not be broken and he continues to swing into his face. The man goes unconscious but Anton does not pause until the end of the bat is bloodied with his face. After he finishes Anton looks up at the rest of the men in the room who are stood over katyusha’s lifeless body, all there gazes are fixed on him as they question what they were just witnesses to, the group remain motionless until the man with the gun releases the weapon from his hands and it falls to the floor. Anton stands above his victim, his hands slowly tightening around the bat and his eyes glancing back and forth between katyusha laid across the floor and the men who start to fidget with anxiety. One of the them slowly opens his mouth and mutters.*

Look man we didn’t want this….I just wanted food man please…

*Anton walks over to the front door, not speaking a word he closes it and latches the bolt*

Oh fuck….fuck..fu… fff!!!

*then as if empowered by pure rage he sets upon the men as the clamber over each other to escape him across the room, the first man goes down easily enough and Anton steps over his body with no remorse on his face. The last two run back around the room to the gun, one of them picks it back up attempting to quickly aim it at Anton as he surges forward across the room towards them with godlike speed.*

Alex shoot this guy!!

I’m trying….Shit!

*The man is unable to control his hand as the gun tumbles from his grip and lands on the floor, Anton swings the bat and another man falls to the ground unconscious. The last man desperately attempts to unlock the door at the front of the store, his hands trembling with fear he turns around and slumps against the door and faces Anton as he briskly walks up to him, the man looks into Anton eyes as he raises the bat and shouts out for mercy.*

Please I have a family…please!!!

*Anton pauses for a moment and looks back at Katyusha who still remains unmoving on the floor and then looks back at the man in front of him.*

So did I….


*He raises the bat and brings it down with great force onto his head, the man immediately goes limp and slides down the door until he hits the floor, Anton lets out a sigh and drops the bat to the floor. He slowly walks over to Katyusha’s body and kneels down to cradle her head in his hands, a few minutes go by as he rocks back and forth with katyusha in his arms quietly crying to himself. The bodies of the assailants still scattered lifeless around the room, suddenly the crackling of an empty rapper forces him to look up, a figure is stood at the storage door at the back of the store, Anton looks down and shakes his head.*

If you are going to kill me!.... get it over with…

*The man does not reply for a couple of seconds, Anton prepares himself for the worst and tenses his body but just as he was completely sure he was finished with this world the figure replies cautiously.*


*Anton gasps with astonishment as he recognises the voice then breaks into tears as he looks down at katyusha and squeezes her tightly*

They killed her Mikhail!!.....they killed Kat…my Katyusha!!

*Anton looked up at his him, tears still drowning his eyes. His brother looked around the room at the corpses of the group with an expressionless look on his face.*

You did this Anton?....

*Anton nodded whilst continuing to embrace Katyusha. There reunion was broke up by the sound of screams from outside the store and down the street, but these were not cries for help. Mikhail ran up to the front door of the shop and peered through the cracks in the boards, a crowd of silhouettes could be seen running down the street in the direction of the store.*

Shit the gunshots must have drawn them….

*he ran back over to Anton who was still sat next to katyusha rocking back and forth on the floor, he quickly shook his brother’s shoulders and attempted to pull him away from the dead body *

Brother we must leave now…..Katyusha would not want you to die for nothing…we have to leave..

*Anton looked into his brothers eyes and spoke with an angered tone.*

I have to kill them…..I have to kill them all!!

*With that Anton gently lay Katyusha's body back on the floor and kissed her forehead, after taking a deep breath he got up on to his feet and walked over to the bat which lay near the door at the end of the man’s body, he picked it up and gripped it firmly looking up and down at the blood smeared on the surface. He turned to his Mikhail and nodded his head. His brother appeared confused but grabbed Anton by the shoulder and led him out of the back of the store, as the pair disappeared into the shrub he glanced back and saw a mob of shadowy silhouettes break through the front entrance of the store and swarm through the rooms. The reunion of the Mel’nik brothers was over, now began their survival and road to vengeance.*

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Impressive is all I can say. Thanks for another well written piece. You've set the standards even higher with this part Blitz!

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