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New Character Idea: Lumina Stalsky

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Name: Lumina Stalsky

Sex: Female

Gender: Gender Neutral

Nationality: American

Race: Caucasian

Sexual Orientation: AHAHAHAAHAH.... Find out (A.K.ADoesn't matter)

Hair color: Short, Brown (dyed red)

Eye color: Brown

Age: 26

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 Pounds

Weapon training: Shot a gun twice, though non-extensive, Trained in theatrical swordplay

Moral allignment: Chaotic Neutral "Give a little, take a little. Gotta survive out here and it is going to be me."

Former Occupation: TA for Theater History at University of Washington, Graduated with BA in Liberal Arts.

Reason for being in Chernarus: Lumina was on vacation, simply put. Traversing Europe was always her dream and she figured that she might as well do it before settling down and carving out a life back home in the states. Perhaps she picked the right time to do so as well.

Before the infection hit Lumina and her group of friends decided wholesomely on staying in the West near the clear tourist areas. The classics, Italy, Germany and France. But of course curiosity got the best of them and in the Month prior to the infection, they started exploring Southern Russia and eventually crossed the border into Chernarus.

Exploring all the old battlefields and castles was fun but it took a toll on the car they were using and it broke down in the forest next to Rog castle. With nightfall approaching the group decided it might be best to wait til' morning and go from there. Course they were not worried, why should they be?

They were awoke when a military vehicle came speeding down the hill but stopped several dozen meters away from them. Lumina however was only in a state of Lucid dosing and saw the headlights that were kept on them as the doors slammed. She nudged her friend and woke her up, pointing to the truck. "Amilia, Look! Look! Maybe they can help us!" It didn't take much to wake everyone in the car up and not much more coaxing to get Amilia to approach them. Getting out of the car she began walking, speaking Russian to see if they could perhaps give them a lift back into town. She however was cut off mid sentence as they shouted for her to put her hands up. Complying, they began to check her for a bite mark which they found on the base of her neck. Seems she'd gotten 'physical' with a stranger at the last Hostel they stayed at. But these soldiers wouldn't let her explain.

Without warning one raised his rifle and put a bullet in her head. It made the whole car cringe and doing the only thing she thought was smart, Lumina burst out of the car and began to sprint, as fast as her legs would carry her into the thick brush of the forest. Her friends though hesitated and immediately the men opened fire, spraying a thicket of bullets in the direction of the vehicle and Lumina.

The sounds of the bullets thudding through the thin gauge metal and shattering glass rung in the air as she sprinted. Faster, faster, she had to get away from those men... She wasn't about to die today. The same couldn't be said for the others...

(Christian, my current character, is getting to be a rather taxing character to play as he has no more reason to stay in Chernarus with the border so open. He may come back but his intentions involve at least making an attempt to get back to the U.S)

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Leonardo Di Vinci International Airport August, 26th, 2014

(Just to give a rough interpretation of what she looks like.)

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I've officially decided that this inexperienced girl is now the new warden of Green Mountain. The title officially handed over by the original prior to leaving Chernarus via the Russian border. Sadly I don't think Green Mountain will be any more safe with someone who cringes at the kick of a mosin guarding it. But hell, what is the worst that can happen?

Also a little update,

-Lumina lacks firearm familiarity and thus will not be comfortable using any military grade armament such as AK's M4's and MP5K's until she recieves training.

-Lumina will not carry any overly large backpacks. This includes Mountain, Tortilla and Drybags. This will not change.

-Most of the clothing Lumina will wear is civilian grade. The exceptions are, Boots and Vest, top too depending upon the weather.

-Lumina is fascinated with drawing people. So don't be surprised if you end up in her journal!

More TBA!

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Update on Lumina,

-Has made plenty of friends

-Decided to cross-dress to avoid being hit on

-Been called a guy at least a dozen times (Prob due to me)

-Been hit on by a guy with a clown mask

-Becoming more proficient with a Mosin

-Now goes by 'Courier' when introduced to people she doesn't know.

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-Learned how to handle Military Weaponry though will not feel comfortable shooting any more than 3 shot bursts

-Having trouble with letting go of her Mosin, though retaining marksmanship skills like a champ

-Wearing a Pink Armband

-Died because V3S flipped (A.K.A she got kidnapped)

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