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Hello Fellers my Introduktion :)

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Hello Role Play Fellers!

some Facts About me :)

Name: My Name is André

Age: iam 25 years old atm :)

From: Im From Denmark " Copenhagen "

Dayz hours: i got 90 Hours atm in Dayz and im just love it :)

And i heared about your Roleplay servers from MrMoon <3 :)

and when i heared about it i just know it was me the roleplay part i really like to get into your Community for make smoe roleplaying!

Sorry my bad english Gramma :P

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Hello Andre

Welcome to our humble community.

Best of luck here and I hope you will have a wonderful time.

Should you need any help with your characters background story, feel free to send me a message.

Additionally, If you need any help with your application or have any questions about the game, you can always message me or any of the other community helpers who are at your disposal.

Kind Regards,


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Hey there Goosy. Welcome to the community. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or one of the other Community helpers.

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