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Voodoo's Characters

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Lt. Alex Carter Backstory MIA

Group: None

Previous Group(s): 501st

I don’t remember much before the 501st, the doctor said I was suffering from Amnesia after the accident.

The first thing I remember is waking up in a small apartment in Chernogorsk with a bandage around my head and seeing this old man looking back at me. Turns out I had been unconscious for some time after the plane hit the hotel. My memory is fuzzy when thinking about before that incident, I know I was working with the UN in administration but that’s about it.

The old man (a Chernarussian Doctor) ordered me to rest up in bed. I was fine with that and as the weeks went by he told me a lot about what was going on in the country. I couldn’t believe that the UN were now scattered all over and that the mission to control the infected had all but failed. We both lived on whatever the doctor could find in the city (canned goods, dried food, fruit and water) but one day when the doctor went out to get some more supplies he never came back. I didn’t think it wasn’t unusual, sometimes he would have to spend the night in an abandoned house to get away from the infected.

Four days past and I knew something was wrong. I used all the strength I had to pull myself out of bed, a stabbing pain coming from my rib cage as I stood up. I began to get into some clothes that were just lying around the apartment then noticed a mirror. I looked into the mirror and proceeded to slowly peel back the bandage that was around my head revealing a stitched wound on my temple. I looked at the wound for some time trying to focus my eyes that seemed blurred. I took out a fresh bandage from the first aid kit that lay on the bedside table and wrapped the wound back up. Zipping up my coat and picking up the baseball bat I had found under the bed I left the apartment to search for the doctor. As I left the apartment I was immediately brought back into this world when an infected ran towards me from up the street. Shouting and drooling it headed towards me at pace and was met with the side of the baseball bat cracking into its skull. The infected dropped to the ground its fingers twitching. I didn’t hang around to see if it would get up again, I immediately ran clutching my ribs and went down an alley. I leant against the wall trying to get my breath back, as I stood there clutching my ribs I noticed the faint sound of flies buzzing around in the garden next door. I don’t know why I went to check it out, something about the sound drew me in. I proceeded to walk towards the buzzing sound and as I turned a corner there I found a body clutching a gun in one hand and a note in the other. A backpack was by his side and it was easy to see that the guy I had found had committed suicide by the blood sprayed up against the wall behind him.

I took the note from his hands and began to read

‘I’m so sorry that it has come to this. I wanted to get back to you sooner but during my supply run I got bit and didn’t want to come back to the apartment and risk your safety. I tried my best to get the bag to the apartment door but as I walked along I could feel myself getting weaker as the infection started to take hold. I hope you find this note and the supplies, and I hope you manage to find a way to leave this country’

I immediately realised that this was the doctor that had been helping me over the last few weeks. I took the supplies and went back to the apartment. The following day I went back to the body and buried it in that very same garden. The following few weeks I would live on the supplies the doctor had found and continued to scavenge the city. My wounds healed over time and I began to learn how to deal with the infected.

As time went by I began to enjoy killing the infected. The squelching sound the machete made as I pulled it out of their heads, by night I couldn’t sleep without seeing an infected in my dream, looking back at it now a psychiatrist would have a field day with what I have been experiencing. I have a gun but I much prefer to be up close and personal as I kill my target, I know it’s affecting me but im sure I can get on with it, I have to. There was one time when I met someone for the first time in a while, I noticed he was carrying supplies and we got along fine. I knew I could easily get along with the guy and help him out but then I got thinking. Now it’s all about survival, staying alive and laughing to yourself at night about managing to get through another day. The guy seemed fine no problems at all it was like he had managed to never meet face to face with an infected or even kill one. Looking back it was a shame really that I slit his throat in his sleep, but I won’t deny that I enjoyed it at the time because I did, his supplies kept me alive for a few more days.

Just when I thought I had lost it I met Lieutenant Hicks, at first I started to plan out how I would lure him in to help me out and kill him in his sleep. That was until I met the rest of his men and knew it would be tough. All of them were armed and knew what they were doing. Of course I lied and told him that I too was a Lieutenant, fact is I can’t even remember what I was but he accepted it and brought me in at that rank. I’ve been surviving with them for a while now and sobered up to a normal state… but it’s still at the back of my mind how I would kill them if I needed to one day.

Dr Alex Harper ACTIVE

Group: None

Previous Group(s): Chedaki


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Guest Frenzy

But the story, from what I read so far, is quite nice. The vivid language combines with thoughtfulness. Nicely done.

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This is the sort of writing I've hoped for. The drama and sincerity of the story depicts not just some generic chaos bandit. I'm sure there are those at the plenty.

This is a damaged man. Be it in conclusion of the head wound from the hotel crash? Or his psyche just...unleashed from the culminated environment and setting?

I'm enjoying this greatly. And love the character Voodoo!

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